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AoS Warbands

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Ah, found it.  Paths to Glory.  Any do this yet?

Yeah,the Path to Glory release for AoS is very cool:)..However its only for Chaos as all PTG systems have been,thats what turned me off about it.Not that I dont play Chaos forces,as I have several sub factions in the works,its just that I like to play all factions too.


I would be up for doing a PTG campaign though if we can get 4+ players on board:)

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We could easily expand on the rules to make them useable by more than just chaos armies, to make it playable by more people.

THATS what I would very much like to do and ive seen some conversion attempts online but the posters stopped doing updates:(.


Now this is were I think the Azyr Empires system comes in.http://www.louisvillewargaming.com/Files/AzyrEmpires.pdf

Dont let the size of the document put you off,its mostly the faction specific advancement paths.


Its very much worth checking out for a campaign system.I should point out that it is a resource campaign and NOT a map campaign,a map could be used to keep track of holdings if players would like to see it represented that way.It would work VERY well as a sort of more in-depth escallation league with players choosing upgrades to their territories/units each week then choosing armies with the new points total allotments(it uses the azyr comp system but a bit modified for the campaign).


Auticus is actively updating the system on a weekly(if not more frequently) basis,he keep s up with every new unit added to the game and is even working on expansions for city fights and additional career paths for army Hero`s.He has a FB page dedicated to the project and it remains active with regular feedback.


Heres a link to my earlier post introducing it to our group,I think Auticus even chimed in on it:)


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