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Holy Cow! It is Week Nine of the Spring League!


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There are two weeks left of the league!


Get your painting on!


Come down and play!


4 PM at WoW!


We are back to playing at Narooma! The Mission will be Frontline to prepare for the OFCC!


Post your pictures. Call out your games. Pick Green Dragon or the Toffee Club afterwards.....


If you don't come, how will you have fun?

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I hope that there is infinity this Sunday, because I will be there!  Yeah you heard right, I will be pushing my extreme impetuous across the table to be mowed down by your gun fire :)


What is hilarious is the conversation that made this all possible:

Wife: "Hey, is there a game this Sunday night?" -out of the blue.... -

Me: - i paused before answering... trying to play it cool - "uh... yeah, should be..."

Wife: " You should go. We don't have any plans, and it has been a while right?" - somehow im being set up..but i dont care :).-

Me: "... yeah, ok. I mean if you really want me to... " -ha ha ha... win-



See you tomorrow


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