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Mantic announced Deadzone V2

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The differences are the new set gets:

+ Hardback instead of softback

+ Command Dice

-1 Model

+ All hard plastic instead of restic


So pretty much the same, except they are all hard plastic now, with one less model.


New Set:




This set contains everything you need to play:

  • Hardback Rulebook
  • Battlefield Mat
  • Game tokens
  • 8-sided Dice
  • Command Dice
  • Battlezones Scenery Accessories & Connectors

Enforcer Strike Team in Hard Plastic:

5 x Enforcer models including parts for:

  • Assault and Rifle options
  • Burst Laser
  • Incinerator
  • Sergeant

5 x Pathfinder models including parts for:

  • Sniper Rifle
  • Optional accessories
  • D.O.G. Drone Support Weapon

Forge Father Strike Team in Hard Plastic:

10 x Steel Warrior models including parts for:

  • Stormrage Veterans and Rekkhyrr
  • Hailstorm Autocannon
  • Magma Cannon
  • Dragonbreath Flamer
  • Mjolnir Missile Launcher options
  • Huscarl upgrade



Old Set:




5 Man Enforcer Team with ML and BL
PK Captain
Specialists (Assault, Sgt, Engineer, Sniper)

Stage One
2 Dogs
5 Stage 3
3 Stage 2


Paper Mat


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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Seems like the changes are a full edition update. Very quick first glance a bit more streamlined. V1 felt like a complex board game. Haven't just glanced at this, that feeling hasn't changed much.


Viability question. I don't see anything that would make me think one force is out shining the rest yet. But again just breezed through looking at headlines and pictures not a full in depth review.

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