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Starting a terrain printing business- what would you want to see?

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I have just started a custom 3d printing business, Vreda Forge, and have been designing and printing custom terrain, bases, and add-on knick-knacks for wargaming (presently working on some 28mm beer steins, previously made bases for Malifaux and a Necron Void Shield Generator). Right now I really want to have some suggestions for things my customers would want to see in my store and what the appropriate price would be. And if you have opinions on what's in my store, that's cool too. I love feedback and will accept everything with an open mind.


In short, if you've got this desire for a piece of terrain, a wargaming assisting tool, alternative miniature parts, or a base with a specific look that you can't find anywhere- post that here


A tad bit about me:

Name's Shaylynn, from Oregon. If you play 40k, I'm that woman that's always showing up with Grey Knights that were painted brown and that drag queen dreadknight I'm probably entirely too proud of. If you play malifaux, well, I was that lady at Breaching the Faux that brought Lynch and that crazy tower thing

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