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New ROB Board

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via Mongoose Matt and Reds8n (Dakka)


This was spotted in the latest issue of White Dwarf Visions. Note the Maw-Krusha on the board towards the bottom.


“The latest Visions has the
Realm of Battle boards we have seen before previewed. They are called Shattered Dominion and are labelled as ‘coming soon’. Four different tiles in the six tile set, and Visions has some funky paint schemes for them.”

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I have owned 6 Realm of Battle boards in total. They are great boards, but... They are horrible to store, hard to travel with, heavy, expensive, figures slide off the hills even when flocked, and dice shoot off of the surface faster than BrotherG throwing dice across a room!

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I had heard that there was a delay in manufacturing them (since the release of AOS) because the boards cracked when originally packaged. They had to find a new method for manufacturing them.


I am torn between using my already great modular home table and buying a ROB for having a dirt/desert theme. I think I am sadly susceptible to GW marketing because I scoffed at the idea of a plastic board back in the day.

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How did you make a modular one?

Ahh, I really should make a big blog post about how to do it. And how I did my game table, lights, and terrain cabinet. But I will save myself some typing and just post the pictures I had the sense to take in-process for now. Ask anything you want.













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What's up with all the craters?


Also I'll need a materials list and prices lol


The gouged pink foam divots are obviously ravines, can't you tell? :)

If I had to do it over again I would use bark nuggets for the stone "cliffs". Cut pink foam just doesn't sell it. I made a couple hills with the barky texture and they look way better. Oh well, it was my first go at it.


Don't even know about the price of the whole thing, Not too bad but not peanuts.

  • 1"x3" poplar for all the wood "trays" so they are nice and durable on the sides.
  • 1/4th MDF on the bases (would do plywood now for nicer looks).
  • Pink foam to build up the middle and hills.
  • Spackle to even it out, particularly where the foam joins the wood sides.
  • Sand/sawdust mix sprinkled on woodglue for ground texture. (maybe just sawdust next time for less grit)
  • Painted and drybrushed browns.
  • White glue and a couple different shades of static grass on top with a home-made static grass sprinkler.
  • Access to table saw and good fence to saw all the wood trays precisely to size (20" or 10" on the dimensions, maybe just 23" now)
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