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Civ6 Announced

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I dunno that I can justify buying yet another title in the Civ series.  The differences in IV and V were not large enough for me to justify paying for another copy and all the DLC.


Don't get me wrong, I really *like* the games but for those familiar it's like the differences between the various 18xx games.  Do I really need to drop another $30 (even if I wait for a sale) to pick up another copy?

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6 changes look big from what I read.  Cities are built in districts now and troops can be associated with each other to move as a group.  Also the figures/personalites really change how people do things.  Read the review on IGN I think it was as it had alot of details.

Ugh... that sounds tedious...

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Was really kinda hoping they'd make a version of civ5 that was graphically dumbed down so the game ran faster....Doesn't look like they are going that direction.

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Well, after watching that vid I had to go back through the history books to examine some of my memories...


The main reason Civ always ran slow for me was me deliberating and the time it took the AI to make decisions.  You can turn off the animations and everything that slowed down the graphical stuff and with my machine that was always enough.


I thought that stacking units had gone out with 4 but wikipedia says 5.  I thought culture-creep (one hex at a time instead of radius) was a thing of 4 but apparently that was 5 too....


I just have to hope that they don't gut it and sell half the victory conditions and features as DLC later (see espionage in Civ 5).

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