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feelers for an event...

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thinking about running one more thinger this late summer(and year more than likely) and pondering a date but i have my hesitations due to the date: Labor day.  do people generally do family things on this date or would you be interested in games that day?  I'm probably renting out the upstairs of GG as to not have to deal with any room issues this time and ill be running it 100% so you wont be dealing with 'other issues' that people brought up... Hopefully that reinterests the people that were not happy last time!

Please let me know ANY and ALL suggestions/thoughts!


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I was thinking the Sunday as more than likely people will be more open to it as they generally have the next day off... but Id also need to get permission from Angel to open early as GG doesnt open til noon on sunday.  anyone else have thoughts?  Hopefully most of our ordo crowd can attend is what I'm trying to do... then mix in the Red Castle guys and possibly the Eugene/Salem with Seattle and we could have a decent showing given enough time to plan.  Id obviously need terrain help again so Ill make a prize for terrain assistance.

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