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Central Oregon?

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Also, this group has a few Bend players in it:





Are you living or visiting?  I'm from Bend, but living in Rogue Valley.  Oh, just saw this was in the AoS area.  I only know 40k players in Bend.  Doesn't mean they aren't there, though.  Oregon Spirit Distillers is ran by a Sisters of Battle player.  He used to have one of the best game stores in Bend.  


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Yeah, it's in the AoS forum, but I'd be down for some 40k as well.


I live in Bend, just moved here.


I'll check out and join that Facebook group, tyvm!


If I can't find some 40k or AoS to play, I'll probably have to dive into Warmachine/Hordes, because that seems to have a good following here.

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Gambit Games shut down and the owner started making Spirits instead.  A magic player started a game store, but when it came down to GW sponsored events, he'd only invite a handful of his good buddies so they'd auto-advance (Hardboyz).  After he closed down, D's Hobbies (trains airplanes etc) eventually started carrying GW, and had added a half dozen or so tables.  I played there a couple times back in '13 or '14.  Haven't played in Bend since then, so not entirely sure what is happening. 

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