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Eugene Flames player moving to Portland!


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Hey, folks!


Evan here, a FoW player from Eugene! I dropped off the radar a while ago due to some real-life shenanigans, but am dusting off the minis as I move north.


So, questions!


What sorts of points and eras do people play at GG Thursday evenings? I dropped off the radar just after the Bulge books, so my collection is LW-dominated, Soviet and German. If I show up unannounced with LW, are odds good on a game?


How large is the crowd for the various eras? I could be convinced on a number of them, though the burnt-out formations of the late late late war period are my favorites. I played way too much Sperrverband and Sicherungs back in the day, and am now filling out with Volkssturm, Hitlerjugend, and eyeing those reluctant veteran 1945-pattern Grenadier armies I see.


How's the terrain? Anything I should work on?


Also, is there any need or want for more space? I'll have a garage and a basement both at the new place, and I'm sure I can bat my eyes at the miss enough to ensure at least four tables if it came down to it.


Anywho, looking forward to playing with you all!




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Welcome, Evan!


We've been playing 1420pt Late War.  Odds are excellent if you just drop by, but if you want to make sure there's a good Axis/Allies matchup you might want to plan ahead or bring two companies.


Terrain is ok for up to two tables at Guardian, but in need of some repair.  Also lacking in city and ruins.  Is anyone interested in a terrain building day?  


As for your panzerfaust-toting Reluctant Veterans, I am also partial to those lists and I can already hear Steve grumbling about "gravel-munchers."

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Caveat: I am relatively new to FoW and PDX game scene (18 months), so my info is within that timeframe.


points and eras:

Right now, focusing on LW (JUNE-NOV) for 3 tournaments:

  • OFCC -1420 pts (JUL 30, Vancouver, WA)(see see thread in this forum section)
  • Fall FoW tourn - LW, 1550 pts (Mid-SEP, PDX)
  • Tanksgiving - LW, 1500 or 1650 pts, tanks only (probably PDX)


Guardian Games, our FLGS, has mostly LW on the shelves.


FEB 2017 tournament will be EW, 1000 pts



WWII: Most number in LW, then MW and least prob in EW.

Great War: 3 guys.

Team Yankee: 4 have armies, 2 play once in a while.

Pacific War: Banzai and Gung Ho are appearing on the shelves. Not seen anyone play yet.

Fate of a Nation: Prob 2 guys, not played recently

Vietnam Books: 1 or 2, not played recently.

TANKS! Should be coming to GG soon (1-4 weeks)


OVERALL SIZE: The Portland area FoW crowd at Enfilade was about 10, with the total from OR, WA and ID between 16 and 18.

On any Thursday, at GG, we have between 2 and 4 regulars. We also get about 4-7 "Irregulars" and occasional drop-ins.

More than 2 years ago, there were probably between 12 and 20 FoW players in the greater Portland area, counting both regulars and irregulars.


For general use terrain, our trees are getting pretty beaten up.  We borrow a lot of terrain from GG.


If you want to be creative with terrain, a handful of guys would be interested in a Berlin battle.

The terrain effort would need some coordination, since it is a lot of work for one person.

Also, since some of the equipment is viewed as Niche, need commitment from at least 4 people bringing armies to make it work.

If we do Berlin, then I'm thinking more special event or mini-campaign, not tournament.


We could re-use the Berlin terrain for some other iconic urban battles: Stalingrad, Aachen, Warsaw, Kharkov, Ortona, Brest Fortress

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Space always welcome.

Although GG is large, there are times when our desired date for an event is precluded by a new game release.

If we had a reliable alternative for small events, say 2-4 tables, we would welcome your space.

ZEKE is also looking into a local VFW hall that we could use, so link up with him before you put too much effort into your garage.

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Although our "regular" time is THU eve, if you are interested in additional or different days/times, there are some people who don't come on THU, due to traffic and work schedules, but might play on SAT or SUN, if you set something up.


Tables can be reserved for free at GG.  For larger groups, there are rooms to rent.

Go to ggportland.com, or https://www.facebook.com/Guardian-Games-172453897701

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Yeah lately we've been playing games with army lists in preparation for upcoming tournaments.  With Barca taking on some of the role of tourny organizer and a few of us also helping, we are getting more Tournaments / Game Sessions available.


So As above, 1420 pts LW, then 1550 LW till Sept, then, I am still working out the details but I am trying to setup Tanksgiving in November which will be LW Tanks (non-infantry), afterward it looks like 1000 pt EW till February.

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Terrain is ok for up to two tables at Guardian, but in need of some repair.  Also lacking in city and ruins.  Is anyone interested in a terrain building day?  

I would be interested in a terrain building day, just would need to be post July 7th for me (I have an exam on July 7th so that is eating up all my free time right now).


Welcome to the area Evan, we usually have 3-4 people show up Thursday nights at GG.  Typically we start showing up around 6pm, and usually there's a post on here about what we are planning on bringing that week.

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Cheers, Taran!

Zero; will definitely show up, then! Just reviewed my stuff, and I've got plenty of painted LW Germans and Soviets, so will be there with kit in tow. ;)

Zeke; awesome! 1420-and-around-there sounds like it's messy enough to promote lists that have to make compromises. Not difficult for my Sicherungs list, but y'know how that is. ;)


barca; gotcha on the space! I'm not necessarily going to go hard-core on the idea, but it's easy enough to get some 6x4 plywood, sawhorses, and terrain. I've always loved terrain-dense boards, so the terrain's a high priority either way. :3

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