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Oddball Maneuvers - July 2016 – A Flames of War ‘ersatz tournament’


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short blurb - in place of the FoW participation that was planned for OFCC 2016, here is a "replacement event"


Oddball Maneuvers - July 2016 – A Flames of War ‘ersatz tournament’

Saturday, July 30, 2016 12-6:30 PM @ Guardian Games, PDX

4 tables reserved



    11:00AM-12:00 PM - Setup by barca and volunteers

    12:00 PM         - Event official start time

    12:00-12:15 PM   - Mission selection, table assignments

    12:15-2:45 PM    - Round 1

     2:45-3:00 PM    - Break, Tickets, Missions, table assignments

     3:00-5:30 PM    - Round 2

     5:30-5:45 PM    - Tickets collected

     5:45-6:00 PM    - Ticket draw and Prize selection

     6:00-6:30 PM    - Pack up, return terrain


B. ROUNDS: Two Rounds, 2.5 hours each, 15 min between rounds




D. POINTS: 1420 (Same as OFCC target)


E. Opponent assignments:

E1 Players can choose their opponent, by mutual agreement.

E2 If some players not paired up by 12:05, barca will assign

E3 For round 2, players can choose their 2nd opponent (not same as round 1 [sEE NOTE 1, below]), or be assigned by barca


Table Assignments: by barca.

On round 1, barca will attempt to assign tables appropriate to the armies being paired (e.g., Tank vs. Tank).  However, if pairs are of mixed types (e.g., Infantry vs. Tank), then random card draw.

On round 2, same procedure. barca will make best effort not to repeat tables.


F. PRIZES: using 'most of' Zeke's idea - Entry fee is each person bring a blister of sorts as prizes to be handed out according to rankings

(barca: well somewhat by rankings, according to ranking + probability)

F1 Each player gets a ticket at start of the event

F2 Each win gets you an additional ticket. See barca at end of each round to collect your ticket. Your opponent must be with you to confirm.

F3 Victory points do not influence the ticket assignment

F4 Procedure for prizes

   (a) barca draws a ticket

   (b) barca discards duplicate tickets, as they are drawn (person already selected a prize).

    c) Ticket holder (if not a duplicate ticket) picks a prize

   (d) Repeat (a) thru "c)" until all tickets drawn, all prizes selected.



G1 Store terrain is getting damaged and or lost, of late.

G2 If you have pieces you can put on a table for this event, please bring them.

G3 If you do bring terrain, show it to barca before deploying it, or label it (base/underside), to preclude misunderstandings.



H1 No scores OFFICIALLY recorded nor published - "we've got lots of tournaments later in the year" (quote and idea plagiarized shamelessly from fingolfen).

H2 No centralized score keeping, just an additional ticket if you win your round.

H3 If you want to post your own bragging rights (or trash talk, within forum rules) in the forum, feel free.


I Commitments:

I1 definitely=5

I2 likely=0

I3 planned, depending on period/points=0

I4 probably=2

I5 might=?



J1 each table rolls up mission before start of 1st round.

J2 Second round is draw from mission cards. Each player eliminates the group of missions they already played (Fair Fight, Defensive Battle, Mobile Battle [ZeroMoon17 suggestion]). Player 1 shuffles the remaining mission cards. Player 2 then draws the mission card for round 2.



K1 Honor system. barca is not screening lists.

K2 Bring printed copy of your list, hand to your opponent.

K3 Bring the book/pdf that covers your list.

K4 Bring spare copies of list.

K5 Special rules: this is another reason why you bring the book/pdf.


L SOCIAL event, before the battles.

Suggestion is "Dutch Treat”,

a) Date/Time: Saturday, 7/30, 9:30-11:30 AM.

b) Location: Original Hotcake House

c) Address = 1002 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

d) MENU: www.hotcakehouse.com

e) barca will be there at 9:30 to hold a table. If someone wants to get there earlier, then post below. 

f) barca will leave at 10:45 to setup terrain at GG, before check-in begins. You can stay longer if you are not involved in setup.

g) If you are not familiar with that area, check MapQuest, GPS, or whatever Oracle, omens, forbidden technology or dark sorcery you use for navigation.


L SOCIAL event, after the battles.

We should be done by 6:30 PM.

If someone wants to organize a get together, then make the announcement before ticket draw for prizes.

barca will not be going to the evening event


Mapquest directions from Hotcake House to GG:

Start out going east on SE Powell Blvd/US-26 E toward SE 11th Ave.
     Then 0.06 miles

Make a U-turn at SE Milwaukie Ave onto US-26 W/SE Powell Blvd.
     If you reach SE 12th Ave you've gone a little too far
     Then 0.18 miles

Turn right onto SE 8th Ave.
     SE 8th Ave is just past SE 9th Ave
     If you reach SE 7th Ave you've gone a little too far
     Then 0.04 miles

Take the 1st left onto SE Woodward St.
     If you reach SE Division Pl you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
     Then 0.16 miles

Turn slight right onto SE Grand Ave/OR-99E. Continue to follow OR-99E.
     OR-99E is just past SE 6th Ave
     Then 0.88 miles

Turn left onto SE Taylor St.
     SE Taylor St is just past SE Salmon St
     If you reach SE Yamhill St you've gone a little too far
     Then 0.08 miles

Guardian Games, 345 SE TAYLOR ST is on the right.
     Your destination is just past SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
     If you reach SE 3rd Ave you've gone a little too far




  1. If you want a grudge re-match, contact GG staff and arrange for a table on your own after this event ends.
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I am going and I can't resist the Phillycheesesteak omlett at Hotcake House.  Ryan may also be going, will check with him this weekend.


As for all the nitty-gritty stuff of who picks who and what missions, since this is an ad-hoc replacement of OFCC, try to stick to the OFCC format stuff, except for the whole team thing, and when in doubt ..... roll a die.


Also. Thank you Barca for putting this together at last minute, appreciated, and we will enjoy it whatever it is.

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I'm hoping to be there...  will have to decide what army to bring... :D

Anyone who arrives late could still play the second round. Guaranteed one ticket, and 2nd if you win the round you play.

I am bringing an army to be the ringer,if odd number of players signed up.

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Wow,  it's coming this saturday. Time flew quickly.  Gotta get stuff readied; army chosen, list printed out, pick out a blister to pony up, and round up some cash for brunch at hotcake house.  Cool, looking forward to it and something fun to do this saturday.


Also, I will bring terrain for 1 table.

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Final turnout was 5: ZeroMoon17, ZEKE, SchnellerKarl, Lazarus and barca.

Great time.

3 showed up at The Original Hotcake and Steak House.

Played 5 games, all quick.

Brag if u want.

I'm not posting results, but not embarrassed if someone else does.

Played a new list. Had fun.

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