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Age of Sigmar League - Rules and SIGN UPs

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This is a ten-week Age of Sigmar league.  The purpose of the league is to have fun, to build community, to help people learn matched play, and encourage people to build and paint an army up to 2000 pts. 


The league is designed to be played using the Matched Play rules found in the General’s Handbook.  However, players must keep one consistent general from the start of the league until the end.  Your general may not change, however the units you bring to each battle may change.


The league is divided into five blocks of two-week periods, as follows:


August 1-14 – 1000 pts – Scenarios: Pitched Battle Take and Hold (pg 110 of the GH), Realmgate Wars Hold and Die (pg 28 of the GH)


August 15- 28 – 1200 pts – Scenarios: Pitched Battle Blood and Glory (pg 111 of the GH), Realmgate Wars War of Storms (pg 30 of the GH)


August 29 – Sept  11 – 1400 pts, Scenarios: Pitched Battle Escalation (pg 112 of the GH), Realmgate Wars Consumed (pg 32 of the GH)


Sept 12 – Sept 25 – 1600 pts Scenarios: Pitched Battle Border War (pg 113 of the GH), Clash of Wills Return to the Verdigris Plains(pg 95 of the GH) (in that scenario slaying the enemy general ends the game with a major victory).


Sept 26 – October 9 – 1800 pts Scenarios: Pitched Battle Three Places of Power (pg 114 of the GH), Pitched Battle Gifts from the Heavens (pg 115 of the GH)


The point values are mandatory.  The scenarios are merely a suggestion, and players may agree to play other scenarios.


During each two-week period players may play as many games as they wish, at any location they choose.  The “official” league time and location will be at the WOW clubhouse in PDX on Sundays at 5:00. 


You may not play the same opponent two league games in a row.


Your points for the two week period must be submitted to AgentP via message on the Ordofanaticus.com boards by the last day of the two week period.


The league culminates in the one-day, three-round Age of Sigmar tournament Annihilation 5: The Age of Annihilation held on October 15, 2016 at Guardian Games in Portland, Oregon.  This tournament is open to league and non-league players.  It is not mandatory, you can still play in the league if you cannot play in the tournament.  You may sign up at annihilation5.splashthat.com



Glory Points

Over the course of the league each player accumulates Glory.  You earn Glory points for each of the following:


Win the battle +d3 (with a reroll if it was a major victory), Tie +1, Loss 0.  (Max 3 points per two weeks)


Painted and based a warscroll +1 (Max 2 points for the two weeks)


Built, painted, and based a piece of suitable Age of Sigmar terrain +1 (Max 1 point for the two weeks)


Played a new opponent +1 (Max 1 per two weeks)


Post a battle report on Ordofanaticus.com, or tga.community, or in the Age of Sigmar Fans Facebook group +1 (Max 1 per two weeks)


Played one of the week's listed scenarios +1 (Max 1 per two weeks)


For every 3 Glory points you earn, you may roll once on either the Champion or Follower  Rewards table for your applicable faction in the General’s Handbook, in the section for Path to Glory.   Champion rewards may be given to any Hero in your army, but the first Champion Reward must go to your general.  Follower rewards may be given to any unit.  Once a Hero or Unit has been given a reward, it must always appear in your army list for the rest of the league.  Heroes and Units without rewards can be changed out freely.


Players will use the following Rewards table:


Chaos except Skaven – Chaos

Skaven – Skaven

Death – Death

Fyreslayers or Duardin – Fyreslayers

Sylvaneth - Sylvaneth

All other Order – Stormcast

All Destruction - Ironjawz


And that's it.  Post below if you want to sign up, or have questions.

What Do You Win?

Fame and glory, that's it.  And fun, you win fun.


Who is Playing






Gamer Geek

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One other question regarding the leauge. So archaon sits dead center on the base because thats the only way he will stay standing since we measure model to model how would you rule on archaon since hes so tall he can never actually reach anything. The faq says to ignore the base and have models move onto it for combat but not sure that works for me

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Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to mention base to base.  There will be no base stacking.  Bases in contact count as being within 1/2".  On top of that, we're going with EITHER base to base, OR model to model, whichever is closer.  In this way, there should be no opportunity to model for advantage.

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Yeah but if we can't play the same person twice in a row we need to find someone else.

Ahh yeah,I see what ya mean...I would actually like to do at least one Meetup with you guys up north but it would probably have to be a Saturday for me and im not sure if I can even do it in one day if its North of the SeaTac area.I could probably have my Son come for a game as well.

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Do we need to signup for the league or just the tourney at the end? What armies are currently represented?

This thread is for the league signups,,the link for the tourney is here-https://annihilation5.splashthat.com/


Hope you can make it to both though:)


Most havent posted their factions yet,but I know ill be doing Death,and my Son will be doing an Order faction quite possibly Sylvaneth.

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