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Interested in learning/playing KoW?

Brother Glacius

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So after a little soul searching, I've decided that I really do want to make KoW my "go to" fantasy game. It plays well and the armies look great. I'll dabble with the other games, but I'm going to put my money down on KoW. To that end, I'm looking for people who would like to give it a try or like me, are looking for opponents. I'm prepared to travel* to play as well as host.


So if that appeals to you, then please post up. We'll work out particulars via PMs and such.



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I am always looking for more chances to play KoW.


I've been meeting with jdw1710 about once a month. He's just learning dwarves, and I'm trying out what I can cobble together from my old Warhammer Fantasy collection. We're presently doing 1500 point games, his Dwarves to my Undead.


So far, we've been using the game stores on the West Side for table space. I  can probably manage trips further afield with enough notice, though I won't speak for him.


We're scheduled for 3:00 P.M. at Glimpses of Wonder & Warfare in Sherwood this Sunday.

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I've managed to get 8ish people for some learning games at my house on a Sunday morning in September (depending on scheduling).

When I tried to get things started last year, we were getting 2-4 people.


Maybe a turnaround?  Maybe a one-time fluke?


9th age seems to get around 4ish, as well.  Looks like maybe a half dozen/high single digits for Age of Sigmar.  And those numbers have lots of crossover.


Where did all the WHF players go?  Infinity?

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