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9th Age Meet-up: 8-27

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Hey all, so we're looking at 8-27 for the next 9th Age meet-up. Had a lot of fun last week, with two great games going on.


Currently, we're looking at sticking with Dice Age at noon for our "where and when," but if the time / location is an obstacle for people, we can always entertain other options. Looking forward to bringing the Daemons out again!

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Nice! I've been taking a break from my Beastmen to focus on some Vampires lately so I might bring those down to your next meet...

Funny enough, I had recently finalized my VC list and was on the 9th Age forum trying to figure out what formation to run my Barrow Guard in when I ran across your list! Looks like we have some similar ideas for how to run VC, heh, our lord / core set up is very similar ☺

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