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One Page 40K


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Has anyone here in the Ordosphere played with these rules?

If so, I am curious to hear your experience as I am pondering switching over to an easier rules set in my old age.

Wow, looks like a real headache to play, or even to make a list. 


Okay, so as I read it, a 750pt list is the normal point level. My marines, take one land raider (lascannons/heavy bolter, which in this is 2x Linked Lascannons/linked machine gun) for 475pts. Then I take a 5-man tactical squad with flamer, for 135pts. I then get a hero, so I'll take a Chaplain with a power sword, since the crozius arcanum isn't an option, and a plasma pistol for 75pts. And with my remaining 65pts, I'll buy a single attack bike with heavy bolter.


So my entire army is:

Chaplain (sword+plasma pistol)

Tactical marines (5, flamer)

Attack bike

Land Raider


Seems like a good alternate to kill team, if you really dislike those rules.

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