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Any KOW happening?


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Not every Sunday, right now about once a month. Nick! is running desert dead, Gordianus is running KoW, another player has the funky shadow army, and so far I have play abyssals, herd, and dwarfs, but also have orcs, KoM, and undead.


We had a nice 1000 pt game between the desert dead and my dwarfs...while I won the field (he had one guy left), we each only possessed one loot each, so it was a tie.

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Jdw1710 and I are playing about once a month on the West Side. He's got dwarves, and I've got Undead, Ratking, Night-stalkers (the funky shadow army mentioned above) and Herd in playable shape, with Elves and Varangur in the works.


I can travel, and am happy to play elsewhere with enough notice. I can also do demos, too, if anyone wants to see the game in action before taking the plunge.

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