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SOLD: Eldar Army Fully Painted with custom foam


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It's time to let this go to a good home!   It's largely 90s-2000s era.  Metal where noted.  Painted in blue/yellow/white Alaitoc colors. 


Things with engines:

3 Wave Serpents, 2 with interchangeable magnetized turrets, one with glued on Brightlance.  Bag of bits to go with.

1 Fire Prism (metal crystal)

3 Jetbikes with Scatterlasers

3 Jetbikes with Shuriken Catauputs

1 Jetbike with Shuriken Cannon

1 Vyper with interchangeable turret parts


Special guys:

10 Warp Spiders, including one with Exarch with Spinnarett Rifle kitbash (metal)

3 Vauls Wrath with 6 crew models  (metal)

6 Fire Dragons including Exarch with pointy thing (metal)

7 Swooping Hawks including Exarch with bigger wings (metal)

Farseer on Jetbike with lance, but have sword arm bit too (metal)

2 Warlocks with spears on foot (metal)

2 Brightlance Weapon platforms (metal)


Guys that are not as special:

32 Rangers (metal)

30 Guardians

10 Dire Avengers


Other things:

Craftworlds book

Craftwords datacards

Psychic powers cards

Tactical objectives cards

Lovely PACK 720 Battlefoam Case

Custom foam for vehicles


How's the paint?

You be the judge of course but I would say "tabletop standard plus".  More than 3-color standard, but not "best painted" for sure.   Army Painter "Crystal Blue" is the base coat for many vehicles, so you can match the color.  Many of the vehicles were already painted with oil based, and then painted over again, so would not be good candidates for stripping.  The metal models are particularly good, for example the Fire Dragons look great.  This is more of "player's army" than it is a showcase.


Will you sell part?

Maybe, if you make it easy on me and worth my while.


How much?

Would enjoy getting in the $600 range for all, but open to offers.  No trades please, cash only.  Pickup only: meet at GG or other central game store location. 





















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