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ITC Poll Results


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  • LVO news!
  • ITC 3rd Quarter Update Poll Results!


  • The ITC community has decided to continue to allow characters to LoS! the 6 result on stomps despite the GW BRB FAQ contradiction.


  • Well, this time the ITC community decided to go with the GW BRB FAQ. So, prepare yourselves, blasts will hit multiple levels of buildings.


  • The Culexus assassin will not be available to all factions for the ITC community.


  • The ITC community has decided to allow more than one fortification assuming your army has the requisite FoC slots.


  • However, we decided to go only with two for the time being.
2017 Season Questions


  • One of the questions we ask every year: how many detachments would you like to use? This year we decided to stick with the status quo. Three it shall remain.


  • Vive la variete! The community wants us to diversify and include other missions into the ITC format such as the NOVA mission set. We’re already working with the NOVA team to mesh these together for the 2017 season.


  • The ongoing questions about allowing “Titan” class units into the ITC was voted down.


  • Another question we ask every year: should we change the points limit? Well, the answer this year is no which is fine, but don’t let us hear any of you that voted to stay at 1,850pts complaining about games not finishing…and I know who you all are, haha!


  • A moot question do to the result of the above question, but still interesting data: ITC players want their points!


  • Well, once again, the ITC community gives a definitive no to the DftS supplement.


  • Again, DftS proves to not be very popular with the ITC community.
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2 Fortifications is nice change. I'll probably reget that evaluation when I see the broken combos it allows, but as a tyranid player that isn't too interested in fielding flyrants, Fortifications are a really practical solution to flyers and early game shooting (for cover, either for the cover saves or the LoS blocking). 

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