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Hobby tip - Building a rig to prime pinned models


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In a previous post, I recommended the use of hemostats to hold pinned models to make priming them easier. I still hold by that recommendation if you don't have a ton of models. I have two dozen hemostats, which limits the number of models I can work on at any one time. Also, they take up quite a bit of room when you are waiting for models to dry. My current project will require me to prime 100+ models, so I needed to find another way.


I wanted a solution that was fairly cheap, easy to use, easy to store, and allowed me to expand if needed. With some thought, I believe I found a workable solution.


This started with a stop to Staples and Home Depot.


These 1/4" poplar boards were $1.50 at Home Depot



I bought a case of these tiny binder clips at Staples, which ran less than $1 per box



I also needed some small screws, which also were purchased at Home Depot for ~$3



I was able to combine these objects to build this:



Each binder clip is flanked by a small screw. The head of the screw from each end is enough to secure the clips to the board. To ensure I did not split this thin board, I drilled pilot holes for every screw. I also measured the width of the clip to determine exact screw placement down the length of the board. Finally, I used a Dremel drill press to make it easier to drill the pilot holes straight and in the proper location. It is not needed, but did make the job much easier. Another thing that made the job easier were small squeeze clamps. I used them to hold the clips open while I drove the screws into the board. It may not be evident in the photo, but the screws located in between two clips is holding both clips. This was done to maximize density, and preserve screws.


Here is a shot of the board with models mounted to it:



It is easy to spread the models across multiple clips to avoid crowding, and to accommodate various sizes. Not pictured is the 1/4 hole drilled in the end of the wood to aid in vertical storage after use.


The one additional thing I need to purchase are larger binder clips to mount on the bottom of the board to act as feet. I will simply clamp the wood from the underside, and remove the side wire to provide stability and avoid interference. :)


I hope you find this helpful, and gives you another reason to put off actually painting your models (like it did for me.) :) 

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