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Models I Would Like to See For 2017


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Please Add Your Choices as Well.




1. Ayyar. They have yet to make a model for this unit yet.

2. Halqa. There were models for this unit. They looked very nice, but they are now out of production.

3. Asiwira. The model is dated and looks like a current medium infantry units.

4. Daylami. One with a shotgun.




1. Lizard TAG. It is just so ugly.

2. Prowler. Completely Outdated.

3. Zero. Outdated and oddly positioned.

4. The Zonds. They look like a cross between a droid, a beetle, and an intellectual devourer. They are the worst of the basic remotes.




1. Blackjacks. I am sure most Ariadna players would agree on this one.

2. Veteran Kazaks. The Bubble armor is just bad.

3. Dozers. The models is out of scale and does not look like it belongs in the rest of the line.

4. Irmandinhos. The models are completely out of date. I would love to see what they could do with this model.




Since ISS and Vanilla had all the love in 2016...


1. Kempetai. Very old models

2. Keisotsu. Too small for the current range. They look under fed.

3. Shinkami

4. Ninjas. Really are there ever enough? After the Ninja with the Tac-Bow, I think we all want more.


Combined Army


1. Charontid. The ones I have seen look like models out of the late 1980s.

2. Gakis

3. Pretas

4. Nexus Operative. There is none..... yet.


Pan O.


Since Order Sergeants are being released in February.....


1. Swiss Guard. The model is out of scale. It needs to be beefier and more imposing.

2. Jotum. I would love to see what computer sculpting could do with this model.

3. Kamari. Cartoonish and not fitting the CB standard.

4. The Support Pack. The Mechanic is so bad .

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1. New JSA box (Domoru chain, kempetai, Keisotsu, ninja)

2. Keisotsu SWC box

3. Shinkami


idk if i told you but i have the bikes, shinobu, saito, karakuri.... im honestly just waiting until they get a new keisotsu and ill actually do them.  they are my 2018 army :P 

i loooove the domaru models.  soo beautiful...

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Yeah, I definitely agree with the JSA list. CA pretty much need everything that isn't a robit though. All the aspects are super dated, most of the Shasvastii, and quite a few of the Morats. Although the model most CA players probably want is the Nexus Operative as none exist at the moment.

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