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Large Dark Elf Army For Sale-Sold!


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So I tried selling this a couple times but ran into hick-ups. But I decided to cut the price a lot.


Core Book

Magic cards that include all the normal magic, Dark Elf magic and Death magic.

One fully painted Black Dragon painted by Jay. Very very nice!

Also Painted Sorceress by Jay. Still needs basing though.

Dreadlord on Pegasus- Primed Pegasus bare rider

Kharkbdyss- bare

35 Black Guard newer models- primed

20 Black Ark Corsiars- primed

30 Darkshards newer models- primed

10 Cold One Knights- bare

3 Five Man Units of Dark Riders newer models- bare

1 unit of Doomfire Warlocks

New in box unit of Dark Riders/Doomfire Warlocks

2 Reaper Bolt Thrower- primed

10 shades made from wood elves and dark elves- primed

2 new in box newer Cold One Chariots

40 Dreadspears older models- bare

30 Darkshards old models- bare

Random assortments of Darklords and Sorceresses

Then there is a 15 old Dark Riders, two damaged old hydras, and 15 harpies from different sources. And more bits than you will ever need.


Asking $250 and of course you can look before the final sale.


I am also selling a Battlefoam Hordes Army bag with foam loadout for $50, new in box Relic Knights Shattered Sword box for $30, Triumphant and Treachery for $25 and Newtrunner starter box with with 4 boasters and card sleeves for $40.

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Those poor dark elves, living in the snow with their cold blooded mounts and low CON scores..


But, that is a good looking model and that is a great deal for those models. I wish you luck in selling them. 

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Hello there, I'd like to ask a question if I may.


I've always thought about starting a Dark Eldar army for 40k... would this army have swaps that would work out easily?  Or are the Fantasy armies a lot more "rank and file" and thus less dynamic poses?


I've looked over pics on Google on the Dark Elf miniatures and don't know if they're torso/head/arm/leg builds or simply just "as is" models, making conversions very difficult.


Any information would be appreciated, thanks!


Stay safe,



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