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  1. More Blood Bowl coming tomorrow at Guardian Games! Come down and play...
  2. I won't be able to get my first games in until the following Sunday. I'll be on a plane :(
  3. Wait, you're selling both for $10? Or just the dice? If it's both, I'm in!
  4. More info to follow!
  5. I'd play on it!
  6. There just needs to be lots
  7. I think by specialists you mean operatives. Specialists are part of every list and stay with your team until I kill them.
  8. You just need lots of bridges
  9. Can't make it, sorry
  10. I'll wear my welders mask so I don't catch any dice in my face 😁
  11. We had a good turnout yesterday, and we're expecting more next week. Two possible new Super League players in the mix!
  12. Except the Redemptionsists have odd weapons not included in Shadow War. Eviscerators, for example.
  13. I haven't looked too deep into it, but does anyone know if the points between the game are the same? I know a bolter is 35 points in each game, at least that's my recollection from Necromunda years ago. The genesis of my question is if someone could run their Outlanders gang in a Shadow War game...Redemptionists for example.
  14. They started yesterday afternoon and are still playing