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  1. This Thursday will be the final Learn To Play event at Guardian Games! Come on down, 5pm!
  2. Thank you Shane for organizing. It was very well run. Thanks to Nate, Steve and Burky for allowing me to accumulate a silly number of injuries, and for offering my dirty players plenty of targets.
  3. Bhagar Eternals have been submitted
  4. I haven't paid yet, but I also haven't played yet
  5. Fortunately, I'll be bowing in...we'll miss you Zorcon
  6. Won't be there :(
  7. Uh...you realize it is intended for new and inexperienced players, right? Do you think the Premiership champion would really be a good fit? 😂
  8. Welcome midori man and osprey to the Super League!
  9. I haven't played yet Scott, want to try Sunday late morning? Assuming I can get the clubhouse open?
  10. The Carnage Cup is officially NAF and West Coast Grand Prix sanctioned! Come get those precious points, and prove to the world you're the best player!
  11. We're back this Thursday for another Learn To Play Blood Bowl session at Guardian Games! Come see us!
  12. I desperately need to get started. I initially was planning on playing Scouts but I think that is going to change. I'm thinking Orks now...
  13. Let's see some pics from the action today
  14. We had FIVE new players and four active game of Blood Bowl going on this last Thursday at Guardian Games. We are adding to an already great community with new players excited to play!