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  1. As someone who takes apothecaries to tournaments, it's a waste. I recommend another reroll.
  2. I've booked my room. I'm staying with @Burk, @savion47, and @Blustorm at the event hotel. Book now! The code is W14, and it took over $100USD off the total. Search Marriott for Delta Hotel in Burnaby, BC. @jollyork, @ROGRE, @Frostitute have you considered accommodations yet? I know @michaels is a huge fan of AirBnB but I haven't seen any posts about one. I'm still hoping @kb10r and @Rhuntar can join us and any first years as well.
  3. Effective immediately, we are using the Ordo forums for scheduling Premiership games. Post to this thread, or PM your opponent. If you post to this thread, please 'tag' your opponent by using the @ symbol then typing their Ordo name. For example, @Burk and I are scheduled for round two, and he will now receive a notification and an email because I've tagged him.
  4. I backed this one yesterday, with a copy for me and a copy for the next Ordo Bowl...? 😁
  5. I didn't expect anyone to actually not debate or comment...that was about as serious as any Zucker movie...🙄😁
  6. We are testing a forum based option right now. The goal was always to use Ordo first, but the Super League used Facebook as it was easier for last season'a group.
  7. I've had feedback from coaches that PM's aren't timely enough. Some coaches don't go to Ordo enough and it makes scheduling difficult. Discuss. Also, this had more to do with scheduling games, not necessarily announcements.
  8. There're 21 of you who confuse me greatly
  9. Is this for Saturday? If so, I'm already playing in a Blood Bowl tournament north of Seattle.
  10. Guardian has dark elves, undead, chaos dwarfs and more in stock now
  11. Weav: yes, I have a Facebook account.