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  1. Beefaroni if you want the Space Marines let me know and I will take the nurgle stuff off of you.
  2. Work in progress on my Mek-Boyz custom battlewagon.
  3. You can have my dirty imperial douche bags then Bro G!
  4. Hi guys With the announcement of the 8th edition box launch I will be picking up a box but do not need any of the new marines so would be interested in trading them for another set of the nurgle stuff if someone doesn't want them? Feel free to add your wants and trades in this thread. Cheers Sam
  5. Managed to finish off the dirty little thieves and the grot crew!
  6. I have got slightly sidetracked by Grotz! The dirty little thieves!
  7. Shut it Tzeentch boy!
  8. LOL I can do a believable Scottish accent as well! :)
  9. Under Promise and Over Deliver ;)
  10. LOL hahahahaha! Well if its for Boyz i can get to it in the next week or so for ya! :) Eben shoot me some examples of logos you like and theme and i'll fit it in for you. ;)
  11. lol I don't know how much time I'll have but if no one else steps up I can sort something out for you dude.
  12. I have a handful of arms from wracks left over if they are of any use?
  13. Nice collection! Good luck with the sale and moving!
  14. I'll take the gorkamorka orks please dude! Thanks Sam