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  1. You got hit by Matt's Brass Orb? LOL
  2. you know it! :)
  3. dice age at 12 noon! Be there or be square!
  4. Awesome sauce! I'm playing a 2700 out game in Saturday against Andrews ogres with my elves if you wanted to get in on it! :) 12 noon.
  5. So i am managing to get a game in with Andrew this weekend. If i actually manage to remember the rules i should be onboard for the ofcc thing you guys are doing. I just have to paint up about 2500 of Dread Elves to get an appropriately sized army for the event. Are you guys doing display boards as well?
  6. Its wonderful! The awesome soundtrack is an added bonus! Love the original opening with hot rod! ;) the film is still brilliant! I'm still waiting for Ultra Magnus to be in any of the new films. My fave transformer by a mile!
  7. I gotta say their adaptation of unicron is slightly disappointing but it does lead nicely into the next film! That's all I'm spoiling! ;)
  8. Yeah I think so. The explosions and cgi is pretty amazing especially of cybertron. Worthwhile seeing on the big screen and I may go back and watch it a 2nd time as there was so much packed into it. Cheap Tuesday may work nicely. ;)
  9. Saw it this evening and it's very good! Enjoyably dumb and action packed and filled with crazy one liners. A lot better than the last two transformers films in my opinion! Worthwhile to laugh at the extremes cheeseyness and Michael bay explosion moments!
  10. Hunter Prey 2010 7.5/10 pretty much as close to a 40k movie as you can get. Group of Tau Pathfinders are tracking one of gaunts ghosts across a barren desert planet. Truthfully it's pretty close to a tau type race following a human. Pretty reasonable flick to have on in the background whilst painting. Acting is ok but if you are after a 40k ish movie it's not too bad! Not Event horizon good but a solid 7.5 out of 10 for the theme! :)
  11. I can't seem to edit but I didn't end up picking up a box set so you can take me off the list. Thanks to all who messaged me about trading though. :)
  12. Love a big old box of grabbing! :)
  13. The Void 8/10 Pretty decent horror flick and gets going into it reasonably fast. Decent acting and the make up and effects and top notch. Very reminiscent of a rob zombie style flick aka 1000 corpses and has that dingy weird feel about it. Overall an enjoyable flick and would see again.
  14. All sorted! Thanks all!
  15. Hi all just realized I haven't got enough shield and need 8 more if possible which equates to 2 full sprues. I have tons to trade as always. Let me know if anyone has a spare sprue or two. cheers sam