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  1. Hello, Looking for someone to paint some Malifaux and Guild Ball models for me. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  2. Curious if anyone is playing or tried it. Creators of Saga. Been thinking of getting into it myself.
  3. Hey Fellas, Fairly new to the game and have Milities Christi. Will they be compatible with all the other factions?
  4. Hey Fellas, I'm interested! Any chance I can stop by and check it out. Play FoW back in the day and really curious about the revised rule set.
  5. Cool! I actually just picked up the rulebook and a shaltari starter set! Let me know when and where you guys normally meet. Lately my time has been a bit spotty but I'd at least like to come down and check it out.
  6. Oh cool! Do you guys have some way to communicate events and things? I'm really curious about the game
  7. Hey fellas, how is the dropfleet commander community doing?
  8. Any star wars LCG players near the Red Castle area? Looking to get back into the game!
  9. Hello everyone, I have 3 Game of Thrones LCG core sets that I've only played once that I'm looking to offload. I'm willing to part with them for $80. Retail value is $120. PM if you're interested. Thanks!
  10. Are there any groups playing Dropfleet?
  11. They hit the stores already? I was thinking about checking it out.
  12. Cool, let us know! I'm curious to see this thing in action
  13. Hello, I was looking to get rid of my fishermen if you're interested. Can certainly negotiate the price: http://www.ordofanat...hl=+guild +ball
  14. Any regular groups that play?
  15. Very nice! How does the escalation league work?