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  1. Looks awesome. I hope to have some time to stop by and see some of this game, probably wont be able to play though. Love me some BFG. If by chance I can play then I will bring a small fleet of Inquisitorial Black Ships (Imperial plus some Grey Knights). What time were you all looking to do this on Friday?
  2. Was tinkering with a human list for Carnage Cup. What do you guys think of this? Suggestions? Human Tourney Roster.pdf
  3. I'd be up for this. I have some board games and assorted minis that would be nice to clear out space.
  4. Anyone up for a game of 40k this coming Sunday? 750-1250 points
  5. After building and reviewing what I want to keep, I have 1 set of Primaris minus the jump troops available. That means the 2 bolter squads, 1 plasma squad, banner guy and captain in gravis armor. If you want them then pm me an offer.
  6. I also have it and one or two of the expansions if Chex doesnt work out.
  7. What's up with round 3 schedule? Is that posted somewhere else or are we waiting for a time?
  8. Sounds cool!
  9. I am going to be super upset if they start releasing separate army codices rather than updating these index books. I got digital versions of the books and it should be valid for more than 2 months...
  10. Got to play my first game of 8th edition thanks to @peter.cosgrove for your help and patience with that. Learned quite a bit about my army, namely that its super small and each body is just a marine. Think i need some more regular old bolters to take a few wounds. Other than thay though they played well and were a pretty effective combined force of marines and inquisitorial units.
  11. Lets go with your Chaos. I'd hate to see my marines fighting other loyal marines so early in their deployment.
  12. Whoop, have to say that the new librarian looks pretty spot on to the one I made. I'll take it as great minds thinking alike.
  13. Does anyone want to try a small game (up to 1000 points) this afternoon at Guardian Games? I could get there anywhere from 2-5ish for a learning game of the new rules.
  14. So I bought a razorback kit and no twin assault cannon is included... Now I need two of them to finish my razorbacks. I'm willing to trade or buy them. For trade I have: Twin heavy bolters Twin lascannons Primaris jumppack marines New box set Nurgle stuff A bunch of regular space marine legs torsos and bits, mostly from MkIV and Deathwatch sprues. Or i could convert a cool hero model as trade if anyone is interested.
  15. I hope its the beers or the heat too, but thanks! Primaris are fun to convert though. Use the Primaris legs and back torso, most other marine parts fit them or look close enough that it doesn't matter. Whatever bits you have and some greenstuff make for a cool looking marine. Maybe just make a hero for funs?