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  1. Infinity Boot Camp! September 17th

    Thank you everyone. Was fun learning and getting some practice games in. Eric, I forgot that I am out of town next Sunday so will miss the first week. I'll be there for week 2 though. Cheers
  2. Hi all, I have a number of board games that just don't get played at my house. I would love for them to find a home in which they will get played. Wasteland Express Delivery Service - brand new in shrink, this was an extra copy the publisher sent me King's Life - same as above Warhammer Conquest - starter set and a couple of extra packs (don't remember which ones though) Tide of Time - great 2-player game Hostage Negotiator - awesome little solo game 60 Seconds to Save the World - new small size co-op game Cat Lady - another new game that is pretty light and quick Frostgrave hardcover rulebook - i tried and wasnt a big fan of this but I know some people like it. A couple of old Battletech rulebook and technical readout books - in decent shape I'd like to sell any of these. Make me a reasonable offer and its yours. I can bring them to game night for delivery. I am also looking to expand my Infinity collection of Yu Jing or Nomads. Other things I am looking for are small army bags with or without foam. Cheers, Scott
  3. Learning games this week

    Haven't been to Fate & Fury yet but I'll be there. Vancouver is actually closer to me than heading down to Portland. Cheers!
  4. Learning games this week

    Is anyone up for meeting me to play some more learning games either Thursday or Friday evening this week (9/14 or 9/15)? I can field 300 pts of Yu Jing but would like to try some smaller games to learn tactics as well as some of my units special rules. I'm pretty flexible on timing, anything in afternoon or evening will likely work.
  5. Sunday 9/10 Game Night

    I'd like to make it but have plans for tomorrow.
  6. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    this is fantastic. the game is fun and your gangs and scenarios are perfect. cheers
  7. Game at Guardian today 9/4

    I'm wondering if anyone would like to get a game in at Guardian this afternoon/evening? Still learning Infinity for me, so maybe a game at 150pts? If it goes quick we could try for two.
  8. Return of Necromunda?

    Time for me to get back to work on those terrain pieces I started so long ago. My delaques are waiting to blast some punks as well.
  9. Arena Rex, come for fight, stay for the lions

    No problem, let me know when you have time either at gamenight or we could meet up elsewhere to play. Cheers
  10. Options to try and things to get

    Thanks guys! This is great help for what I have and for what to keep an eye out for down the road. Cheers
  11. Star Wars Legion

    I'm waiting for the Gungans! :)
  12. Options to try and things to get

    So I am thinking ahead a bit, knowing that there are still many things to learn about the game, but I was hoping to get some advice on what to try playing with (based on what I already own) and what may be a good addition in the future. Here are the models that I own now. Note this is showing as a list only because its the easiest way to show not because it is actually an army list. Also note that I made one of the Zhanshi a medic under an assumption that anyone of them could be the specialist. Thought a medic is useful. As for flavor, I only kind of like the tags but they are definitely lower on the list for me. Maybe remotes but again not sure. I do like the sneakiness of the ninjas and the heavier infantry models look cool. I'll be trying out a variety of combinations of my models as I learn their distinct rules (ie camo, martial arts, hacking). For any suggestions if you could make a brief explanation of what that model is good at or how certain models work well together. I think that will help me understand how my models work as a team rather than interesting individuals. Cheers! Infinity Army.pdf
  13. Arena Rex, come for fight, stay for the lions

    I should arrive between 5 and 6
  14. Sunday, August 27th

    Was great to learn step by step, very helpful. Thank you and will see you guys soon for more games.
  15. Sunday, August 27th

    Is anyone available for a small teaching game? Basically brand new, having only played 1 game a couple years ago.