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  1. OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    Team: Ogres, 09R3 Yes I do have the models but I need to paint them. My team is entered in Ordo Bowl Yes, I have joined Blood Bowl PDX and I have liked Ordo Bowl My team is redraft and renamed from 2nd season.
  2. 2/6 Game Night at W.O.W

    So much for game night, I lay down for a minute and wake up 3 hours later.
  3. 2/6 Game Night at W.O.W

    I'm in for a board game or if full then I'll bring my BB team as well.
  4. Pax's Scummy Squadron

    No worries. I am sure I got a few things wrong as well. Happy to get some more games in soon and I'm writing up my possible trades now.
  5. Co Op Games

    My wife and I also play co-op often. Flashpoint, Hotshots, Pandemic, Forbidden Desert all are great. I also like Elder Sign quite a bit for a smaller/faster version of Arkham Horror (which is awesome if you like big games).
  6. Kickstarter Advice

    Awesome to hear! The projects I've worked on KS we always try to do a couple of things; Showing off the artwork is key to grab attention, For a comic, I would make sure to have a few pages available for viewers to read and look at. Be very clear in your intentions. Tell people what the money is used for and what you hope this will do for you. Along with the above, be active in discussions and respond to questions. Try to avoid any possible arguments backers may pose in comments section, acknowledge and say you will consider (even if you wont at all). I'm sure this is all common sense but sometimes its good to get back to basics. Lastly, be sure to promote in forums and other places you frequent BEFORE and DURING your campaign. Before is really important to get a solid start of backers. Best of luck and please post here when you do launch. Cheers
  7. Pax's Scummy Squadron

    I've not seen any issues with modelling unless it causes placement problems (like leaning far to oneside). Most people don't care since the model is never used for anything other than looks. If you want anymore friendly games I'd be up for some xwing since I haven't played recently.
  8. Starfinder

    I might be able to do that. I'll look at the books and see if I can piece something together.
  9. Tentative league start

    That's good for me
  10. Starfinder

    Any interest in starting a game? I'd be down to play.
  11. Game night 1-16

    I'm back in town today and would love to play some board games. Anyone up for that tonight?
  12. Pax's Scummy Squadron

    I have a small selection of ships, mostly imperial but also few some scum ships that I am willing to part with for cheap or trade. Also have the rules and movement templates, dice, etc. Send me a message if you are interested. Not sure about an alternate starter box for scum. But I do know that there are no limits to ships other than named characters are unique. That said you can take the named character in a Quadjumper and a generic Quadjumper in the same list. So its really limit to the cards rather than the ships.
  13. I've two small projects that I'm building and require a couple of miniatures. First, the GW Karadron dwarves. I only need to build one but will take a few more if you've got them. Second, I need nurglings and a plaguebearer or two. Am also interested in 1 or 2 those fat nurgle chaos warriors. For trade I have lots of Space Marine Deathwatch sprues as well as some Primaris marines on sprue. Cheers
  14. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    I binged on Futureman which started off weird and ended up hilarious. Have to love that people in the future call their mouths 'ratholes'.