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  1. I may go to this, depends on wife's schedule and finishing painting a team.
  2. Had to laugh rather than get upset with my last online opponent, who berated me the whole game, because his English was so poor. His insults didn't make any sense except for, "you bad play all luck." I did not disagree with him, just laughed.
  3. I'd be interested in the Primaris Interceptors and the tartaros terminators if they are available still.
  4. Sounds fun. I have a relatively large game collection and can loan them for use that day
  5. No, the smooth shoulder plastics. Anyway, I was able to get a few already. Cheers
  6. Wondering if anyone has a few of the old one-pose plastic human lineman? Ideally I want 3 more to be journeymen stand-ins.
  7. Pretty much. You usually only get a few cards in a game.
  8. Normally each player has a set of cards either from the generics or their gang choice. In our current campaign we made a deck of 12 for each player so that they are somewhat tailored to the gangs.
  9. Time for another journey into the mirrored city at this year's OFCC! I'll be hosting (and playing if needed) in a Warhammer Underworlds tournament. Number of players: at least 4, up to as many that want to play. Number of rounds: 3 90-minute rounds Day of OFCC: Saturday, starting at 3pm Prizes: Glass Trophy will be up for grabs! One warband gift certificate will also be available to win! Cards and tokens from Organized Play packs will be given to all participants. Rules: More rules may be added later, these are in the works at the moment. All warbands that are made available by tournament date will be eligible to play. The Games Workshop Banned and Restricted List will be used for this event. Models do NOT need to be painted but it is encouraged. Conversions are acceptable so long as it is made clear which model is which in the warband. Using nameplates for converted models is highly encouraged! For questions about this event feel free to message me directly or ask here and I will answer as soon as I can. For more information on OFCC tickets and/or other events go here, www.ofccgaming.com. PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS HERE!
  10. It seems the men of this Pit are nought but weak limbs. It's the ladies we have to concern ourselves wit. So with that being the facks, we are set upon taking those ladies out for a night on the town they will never forget, no matter how hard they tries. - Ol' Severed Ed 'imself
  11. Let me know if you can make it any time earlier than usual
  12. We have the death Ray walls at the WoW clubhouse and they are very nice. Also they are sturdy for years of abuse. Have fun in the underhive!
  13. I'm not planning on getting these but just wanted to point out, if you haven't seen them before, https://victoriaminiatures.com/collections/heads They have excellent heads that fit well on GW humans. She started her collection to add more female bits for imperial guard. Cheers
  14. Message from Ol' Severed Ed 'imself: This Pit City of yours is now ours. We stake claim to all of it and there is not a thing you weaklimbs can do bout that. The 'Eads have just begun the scouring of this heap. Finding no challengers, just mewling babes, I made the call, and my mates agree, to bring all hell down upon this Pit. This will be the only warning. You can be an 'ead or you will lose yours. Even my wee Lil' Beef has got the bloodening. Oh and he's a hungry one, that Beef. I can see it in his eyes. No longer just a boy, he's an 'ead alright. Prove you are metal boy and you'll earn your skins. This is Ol' Severed Ed 'imself and you been warned.
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