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  1. Infinity: Fall Escalation League 2017: Nov. 19th

    Was hoping to come today but my dog is getting sick all over the house. Sorry, see you all soon to play more.
  2. Fate & Fury gaming tonight

    Anyone heading to Fate and Fury tonight? I'll be there to get a game or two.
  3. Thursday, November 2nd

    Good games last night. I learned a lot about Rambo and better positioning.
  4. Shadespire in November

    Note for anyone who is interested, at Fate & Fury games on Saturday early afternoon I'll be there doing some demo/practice games and they have the store copy as well to play with.
  5. Thursday, November 2nd

    I'll take you on for 300 points
  6. Infinity Rule of the Day: Warning

    Helpful note, Warning can be used in Active and Reactive turns. So your trooper running and getting shot at can give nearby troopers a free turn without generating other AROs.
  7. Shadespire in November

    I've never been to either but I could make it to Red Castle Wednesday (tomorrow) afternoon or evening.
  8. Shadespire in November

    @Norrad, @deadwing34, @andozane, as well as anyone else who wants to. Would you guys like to organize a day to play this and have people try it? With several copies we should be able to accommodate a small group. Maybe later this week we could meet at WoW or at Guardian?
  9. Shadespire in November

    I did get a copy of this. If anyone wants to give it a try just shoot me a message. Converted a little and replaced with alternative models a couple guys. All set to play. Cheers
  10. Shadespire in November

    Anyone of you want to meet up at Guardian to try some Shadespire? Was thinking to go down there today and pick up a copy. I'd be happy to bust it open and play a game right away.
  11. Shadespire in November

    Me too. Not sure if I'm sold on it but seems intriguing.
  12. Hacking Program of the Day

    Interesting that it only lasts for current player turn. So target is back to normal at start of next players turn.
  13. Thursday, November 2nd

    Sorry, I'm out of town otherwise I would.
  14. Board games and rulebooks for sale/trade

    I do! Not sure if they have surpassed 'first edition' but that is what i have.
  15. ITS at Fate and Fury Games Oct 14th

    I think i can make this with my sad unpainted models. If it stops raining here then I'll at least prime them.