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Breaching the 'Faux 2017 - Apr 15/16 - Bellevue WA

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Hi all,


Breaching the 'Faux is back for 2017! We'll have all the stuff you love about previous years - story-oriented, free swag, beer on site and a custom deck! This year we're being organized by the chaps from the Dead Man's Hand podcast, with help from a bunch of other volunteers and the event will be at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue, WA, on April 15th and 16th.

Breaching the 'Faux's focus has always been on a good narrative, creating an atmosphere where you're a character in an ongoing story. It's designed as an immersive and narrative event whereby good people come together from around the region to play Malifaux together, without losing the balanced and competitive play that we all know and love about Malifaux.


I'll be posting more details on the tournament within the week (working on it now!). Key points: 50SS, single faction, no paint required (but prizes for best painted), $30 early bird ticket price until end of March (then $40).


Tickets: EventBrite

Website: Breaching the 'Faux

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There isnt a Portland Malifaux scene.... on Ordo at least, I know that. LOL. 


Im going to the Tri-Cities this weekend to play for the first time with my bro and all his friends. I will let them know about this and perhaps you'll get a group coming out from there.

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If you have 100% unpainted, you get 1 raffle ticket. Partially painted, you get 2 raffle tickets. Fully painted, you get 3 raffle tickets.


Just in case that helps you decide :-)

I can do all painted... I just barely have anything new painted and would like to add new things to my options... we'll see how it goes.

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