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  1. That's some spicy new rules in the Infernal Dwarf book released today. (I have no doubt there will be a good deal of changes, but wow)
  2. Hey, ya know, @Wentwizard, I just don't think I'm gonna make it to next scheduled escalation. Just something came up. (I think I'm hilarious, and that's enough for me)
  3. I could help with a training game... Next week. There is literally a tournament at GG this weekend so I don't know if we can get a table there but there are other game stores.
  4. Searing, senseless slaughter! Subsuming its name, had been supposed to grant the daemonic agent power. Power enough to earn its existence this side of the veil. Damned distracted disappointments! The elven blade would not truly kill but never end the Herald. Its existence was too spoken for by something greater something stronger. Something that the Herald had failed. Pained portents pact. Thrice the Herald had failed. First, the lush valleys in the domain of the Jade Emporer had rebuffed its legion. Warriors of stone proving the match for veil forged blade and fire that would melt the fl
  5. @Rhuell @Andrewgeddon I just got confirmation of a game slot on 3pm at Guardian Games.
  6. Andrew GEddon and I should be having a game at GG on Sunday! (how long does it usually take them to respond to a reservation?)
  7. Is week day early afternoon a thing you can do? Mostly just Monday and Thursday for this season of the year.
  8. I echo the words of other people, with the game plan of gotnfast get charges it's more about how many chaff units not how big. (That said the pyromancy will sneeze and clear your chaff )
  9. Are these the Levy? Or are they peasants? Forlorns?
  10. I've seen lots of individual reports, what's the news? How bad's the news Legion of Doom?
  11. I would be fine with the Nippon Homebrew. It seems relatively well balanced. Almost a variant of elf. Asklanders of course aren't Homebrew and are awesome. I don't know what's the deal with late sign ups.
  12. @paxmiles that's why I campaigned for the 'Rafters' exception rule so I could go double Greater Daemon later. Talk to staff state the stages you want and what can be compromised. We're approaching the January, I don't know if there's been talk of the when/where/tempo of the campaign. I wish to know what to expect so I can warn my partner when I must leave for "the war".
  13. I mean is there a problem with my intention to have an expensive wizard master take almost my whole 600 pts (character allotment for 2k under rules)? Technically EoS could put down a Stank. I think we can't prevent everything. (I think their IMp Fury limit is 500) I believe what was being asked for was a way to TRY to have a list with a cheaper character now and not be stuck with said character being a "lesser" character later.
  14. Got to kill the whales before The Voyage Home! But to @paxmiles I LIKE having the Charged Tentacles for the larger bank. It is certainly not required for the Hope Harvester. Makes things smoother.
  15. Woah, take it easy. It's Christmas week and even then this isn't a hyperactive forum. I like your list I hope it breaks some humans/elves/clay pots. It's not my kind of list, but it's got a tool for each porpoise (my plan if facing like a 13 man knight unit is to chaff and run). If you can get the points free for the more stored veil tokens that might be good.
  16. As a note. All Wizard Masters are at last 350 pts at base which is more than half the allotment at (2k 75% of 40%). The Flux Card limit is also pulling Magic down (though Masters mitigate that). I can see how Wrath of God or Evo double-snipe can be scary, I'm willing to risk it? Also @Wentwizard the flux cards you provide (on the campaign page) aren't the one from the t9a Flux Cards Supplement, where did you get your version? For the last three page there's been a lot of questions about special-warband army build rules, persistence warlord-retinue rules, and scenario rules. I want to say I
  17. I mean the way I look at it, every recycled unit is just extra, so I'm not bothered if they lose all their special equipment. (Relentless banner suicide unit anyone?) It's a very kooky scenario I say we just roll with it. Admittedly I have the fun expendable side of the conflict. An easier nerf might be only respawn scoring or core. Reducing characters to 500 does make it harder for me and the ogres, but we can manage.
  18. Oh man that sounds like a genius idea. Whoever wrote that must be a pretty smart fellow, and handsome too. 😛 Now this just leaves the real problem for me (and this one is me being horribly indecisive), which Sin do I choose. Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggh. Why do games have to make me make choices. Thank you very much Have-Gone-Sorcerer.
  19. Read the League website today (First of thank you for the work this all looks like a lot of fun). Now I want a ruling on how I will run my Daemons. According to my maths and what I understood by the rules a 40% character limit becomes a 600pt limit at the 2000 army level, I would be unable to use a Miser of Sugalag, Scourge of Vanadra or a Sentinel of Nukuja even at their base costs (which is not a problem in itself). How this interacts with the Warlord aspect, there is no stated requirement that the Warlord must be in each mission nor that they must be the general so I wanted to confirm wheth
  20. There's a counter joke about siege towers and erecting. 😛 I look forward to seeing all these armies. I don't look forward to trying to paint my new G Daemons and other new additions.
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