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  1. Catachan are the new Cadians.
  2. Very nice looking. I might have to kitbash one of those.
  3. I would treat all vehicle purchased as part of you detachment as being salamanders. It is the same with iron hand all their vehicles get IWND, so I would imagine all Salamanders would get +1 to flamers. here is the iron hands rule from lastest faq Vehicles in an Iron Hands Detachment get the It Will Not Die special rule. Does this include any Tanks in an Iron Hands Detachment or only the Dreadnoughts with Chapter Tactics? A: All Iron Hands vehicles gain It Will Not Die, including vehicles that do not have the Chapter Tactics special rules so in my opinion, your salamander get the +1
  4. I have the inquisition codex and imperial agents. Imperial angents is all you need.
  5. i think all the primarch where fed steroids by the chaos gods when they sent them across the galaxy
  6. Can Magnus cast the same psykic power each turn, i.e. he can cast his D gaze multiple time a turn? Would sisters of silence and that inquisitor that sucks up psykic power dent his power if in range? Can weapons that cause perils force a perils or is he immune to all perils, or just the perils for casting.
  7. There was an update to my enhanced inquisition codex today, but I have not noticed any difference. I think it is an errata update for feel no pain and it gets hot.
  8. Does this agent codex override any of the individual codexes?
  9. I was hopping for something for the fallen dark angels, but I guess they don't count as traitor
  10. If you can purchase though a third party in the U.K., they will deduct the VAT. On orders shipped to the USA. Gw UK and forgeworld refuse to deduct vat because they are crooked.
  11. Aren't blue blue horrors smaller than pink horrors?
  12. Horror player are going to have to buy lots of models, for every 10 pink they need 20 blue, and 40 brime,
  13. That is the guy with no friends.
  14. In a command squad, just an upgrade, becomes a character, but not independent.
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