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  1. I'm not super into this at the moment, but put me down as a backup if you end up with an odd number.
  2. good game @WestRider that game was peak blood bowl
  3. Tuesday is probably best for me at this point. I could start between 5-8 PM Pacific.
  4. @WestRiderI guess we are up? What's your schedule look like? Easy times for me are Friday evening after ~5PM Pacific, most anytime on the weekend, Tuesday after 5PM. Any of that work for you or do we need to go deeper?
  5. Mom always said 'find something you do well and then just keep at it'
  6. I assed out and forgot, we are re-scheduled for Friday evening.
  7. I am wide open on Friday and Sunday. I could play anytime between 8AM - 8PM either day. I could play Thursday or Saturday but would need to be done by 430PM or so.
  8. Friday morning would be best for me. I could start anytime after about 7AM Pacific
  9. Any team? Even if they played in a completely different league before?
  10. Sounds good, see you then
  11. I can play Sunday. I have stuff to do but nothing that has to happen at a specific time, so I can be available from 7AM to 7PM or so with some notice. Would that work for you?
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