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  1. I didn't realize we were all taking pictures but I'm Khemri.
  2. If you're going to go AG4 you gotta go all in and go with AV7 too
  3. sbr

    Blood Bowl Leaks

    That makes me happy. I dont mind change necessarily but I haven't seena anything that makes me think GW has even the faintest clue when it comes to this game.
  4. sbr

    Blood Bowl Leaks

    Ny hope was a translation error, but then more I see the more I think there will be new TT rules next year. "One of the guys from Quebec here translated it to this: «The year chosen is not a coicidence, since BB3 will accompany the release of the newest paper edition in stores. New edition will bring a compelte revision of the ruleset.»" For those that speak French http://imgur.com/a/esNT3Kx
  5. That's understandable but there won't be any one being an asshole there, at least for long, it is a really good group of people.
  6. Four minutes. Nah its world wide with a lot of EU players. I end up playing most games weekend mornings. I should have mentioned that before.
  7. Anyone up for starting a new team in a league other than ReBBL? As of a few hours ago we needed 4 teams for the 16th season of Big Crunch 2 over at BBT https://bbtactics.com/forum/threads/waiting-list-for-season-16.12762/
  8. sbr

    Spike 2019

    Will do when I get home today. Until I get this reminder the first weekend in June still seemed like a looong way away.
  9. sbr

    Blood Bowl Leaks

    Official roster and star players list for the new Halfings team
  10. I have talked to travis privately
  11. I am in, sorry for the delay
  12. Does anyone have a werewolf model I could borrow for the day on the off chance I decide to punch myself in the ***** and hire Wilhelm Chaney? A certain someone took mine to Utah and hasn't gotten around to sending them back.
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