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  1. Just the tau one left. I’m in SE Portland. Near Ordo
  2. I can meet up anywhere around SE Portland. I'll be at Guardian Sun/Mon in the mornings

  3. I have the following NIB: 1x Space Marine Battalion Detachment 2x Imperial Knight Super Heavy Detachment 1x Tau Vanguard Detachment $125 ea OBO
  4. I have a NIB Leviadon $60 I live near guardian/ordo and can meet up anywhere around.
  5. It is 15%. GW does not permit us to advertise online anything more than that.... 😚 I am personally setting up a bunch of special deals on GW stuff. Definitely going to be worth checking out
  6. most stores should be able to order in any of the made to order stuff with free shipping I can personally do it for you at a Guardian if you ever choose -Max
  7. I’m hoping for some special rules for my Ghosts. 🤞
  8. Oh boy. I’ll take pouring rain over last years ash & heat.
  9. I’ll be there bright and early setting up all the tables! See you there.
  10. If you still have any of those Steel Legion Snipers or Lietenants I’d be very much interested
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