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What interest is there for a 30K+ point mega battle?! At BTH or GG?!


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Hi all,

Am contemplating putting together a large game if there is interest. Basic concept is at least 15K points per side. Meeting engagement. Table ~4' wide and as long as we need (10' or more?!). Full terrain. Each side have a Commander with supporting players actually moving the pieces and throwing dice (sorry, my Army background coming through) Thinking around April time-frame...


Because I don't expect most people to be able to have that many points in their collection, there should be a few players on each side. Is there a preferred era (early, mid, or late). Any specific battlefield? Urban or rural? Armor focus or combined arms? Any specific rules set (Eastfront vs. Festung vs. Monty's Meat Grinder vs. etc.)?!


Anyway, let me know. I'm kinda jonesing to let my PzKpw's run around... :-)




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Another thought; how historical, if at all, is the general mood of the crowd? I was kinda looking at Aachen when the Allies stormed the Kraut line to reach hill 231 (I think it was hill 231, or 263, or 200something...anyway). Sometimes it's just as fun to decide on a book list and go for it too.


For simplicity howabout 16' long and 4' wide played across the short side over a very long front line? Multiple objectives-odd numbered? Whoever controls the most at the end of turn 6 wins?!

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I'm always interested in this sort of thing. We've done a couple large battles at GG before; a Total War scenario on a 12x4 (12x6?) table and a D-Day beach landing scenario on an 8x8 table (including beach boards). They were pretty fun, but in my experience they're best done as very casual, more scenario-driven setups. A referee might be good - someone who sets up the table, adjudicates rules issues, and otherwise runs the game. As far as table layouts go, you can also do irregular shapes - a U or T, for example allows you to keep things easily reachable while still having quite a bit of table space to play with.


Personally, I can bring some Germans, Canadians, or Russians to such a thing, in various stages of painting.

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Hrm...  well a mega battle can be chaotic.  I think a game master is a very good idea.  It always sucks because that means some really hoopy frood who knows where his towel is is gonna' get shafted and not be able to play.  


...Of course, then thats an excuse for ANOTHER mega battle wherein someones else runs it and he gets to play!...


Which is another excuse for ANOTHER megabattle to let that guy play...



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