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Battle report Chaos Marines vs Tau


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Very well organized Video report.


I was impressed with the mauler fiends.


Which store is that one? I don't recognize it.


For joel, this game and the one you played me on tuesday both saw the warlord die early. Perhaps getting a more durable one? A buddy uses the TAU suit commander that gives his ripties the cover denial and TL shooting. In alternative, could re-work list so TAU are allies and the farseer, who's more durable, is warlord.


For troops, I think you could really use a unit that was durable. Our game saw many die when you have many more kroot. I suggest either wave or devil transport for a single unit. Towed unit doesn't need to be very impressive, but it would get you the durability you might need. In alternative, a building planted with doors facing an objective should be enough to keep your existing troops allive enough. The Imperial Pillbox (bunker?), that super cheap small building would be perfect and should be easy enough to place outside TLOS - for the unit inside, get one with armor saves as attacks against the building will cause non-armor damaging wounds to the models inside. For eldar, can you get troops with an invulnerable save? It would really help the list.


For melee, eldar and TAU are not my fields of expertise. Could go EMP for TAU if expecting to face vehicle threats more and going the FW troops anyway. TAU really don't do assault very well against non-vehicle threats.


I like those ruins with red tiles on the second level, as is the one with checkered floors. Look very nice.


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My Vote is Ben gets the Fiends for speed and Joel goes with the Seer council because it's combat oriented, Psychic, and hard as nails. For troops perhaps 1 unit of firewarriors couldn't hurt.


I always enjoy these battle reports because I like both people and I learn something new.

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