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Vietnam and Battlefronts Sale


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Looks like BF is selling off their entire Vietnam Line at 40% off.  Now is the time to get in.


I have always been ogling over a few lists, any comments about them?  Which ones the most fun, which one is the easiest to handle, which is the hardest/most complex.


Looking to purchase a basic starting force, plus a support option or two at the most.


1. US AirCav.  Along the line of Hal Moore.  Love the movie and that would have been my dad in there if he wasn't in a debiltating jeep accident just prior.


2. US Helicopter Cav. Lots of choppers with the Loachs, Hogs, and Hueys with a platoon of aircav.


3. US Black Horse. looks like some interesting doom tracks.


4. US Heavy Armor. A unit centered around the M46 patton tank.

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Q. Why the huge discount?  Is Vietnam not popular?
Vietnam sold well beyond our best expectations. We were so excited the community took to it, and allowed us to take it from a small Wargames Illustrated supplement to a line of its own! We will continue to support Vietnam into the future with more supplements, models, and exciting ways to play. We wanted to offer an inexpensive way for people who may still be on the fence to jump into the fray, or for those already in the suck to bulk out their forces.

original article

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