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Carnage Cup results


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Folks, the Carnage Cup has came and went, and along the way we had a terrific time. Please allow me to thank the participants, it was a pleasure to have you attend the event. Thank you very much to all of the many, many OFCC sponsors, but specific thank you's are owed to these three:

  • Impact! Miniatures: the best source for fantasy football models, please visit, buy a lot, and tell them Ordo Fanaticus and the Carnage Cup sent you!
  • Guardian Games: the host store of the OBBL Super League, Guardian has always been a huge part of the OFCC...this year they provided three generous gift certificates to the Carnage Cup!
  • Rune & Board: located in Hillsboro, Oregon, Rune & Board provided the OFCC many great prizes, including two Blood Bowl Ogres raffled off this afternoon!

It is my pleasure to present the winners of the event!

Carnage Cup Champion - Most Tournament Points, Jason Casebolt @Casebolt (Everett Blood Bowl League)


"Eadsplitter - Most Casualties, John Hanan @Zorcon (Ordo Blood Bowl League)


Flash Git - Beast Appearance, Mark Burckhard @Burk (Ordo Blood Bowl League)


Marshal Johnson Award - Favorite Opponent, David Burroughs @Patriarch of Sigmar (Everett Blood Bowl League)


Raffle winner - Impact! Miniatures human team, Trent Le Clair @felix


Raffle winner - Impact! Miniatures Orc team, Mark Burckhard @Burk


Raffle winner - Rune & Board Blood Bowl Ogre, David Burroughs @Patriarch of Sigmar


Raffle winner - Rune & Board Blood Bowl Ogre, Taylor Mead


Most pics coming shortly, along with full results.

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