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Ham Slamwich 2017 Poll

When could you attend the Ham Slamwich?  

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  1. 1. When could you attend the Ham Slamwich?

    • October 21st
    • October 28th
    • November 4th
    • November 18th

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In the grand Warhamster tradition of being awesome, we're looking at running a 9th Age tournament during the month of November or late October. Before I start putting out official feelers to DTG about getting a date reserved, I wanted to check in with our local 9th Agers on what day would work best for a tournament. Please use the poll to select any days you can make and I'll try to shoot for the date that gets the most local appeal.

If last year's Ham Slamwich and the responses from the OFCC are any indication, I would expect a number of out-of-towners showing up so this will be a great chance to play some 9th Age against some cool peoples that you don't get to play very often from the comfort of your own Bellingham! Like last year, I'll be running this event as a no-proxy, but no-painting requirement event to let people try new stuff out and appeal to newer players. This will be a one-day, three-game event with a $10 buy-in and 100% of the pool going to store credit for the winners (general, paint, sports). So vote in the poll and comment in the thread and hopefully we can have an awesome event!

It should be noted that I'm leaving the weekend of the 10th off for Fall Sleepover and the weekend of the 25th for Thanksgiving.

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Well I was thinking people might have to find lodging anyways if they are coming from the Portland area. Hard to do 10+ hours of driving and 9 hours of tournament in 1 day. As far as Seattle or BC folks go then it isn't so far away that they can't head home after each day if they aren't interested in hotels or couch surfing.

At any rate I can't really vote as my attendance will be decided by whether or not my KS stuff shows up by then.

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From the response I got on the 9th Age Facebook group and here, I'm thinking the one-day event will be the way to go this year. We might try a two-day event down the road, but we'll see what happens. As for the date, I'm still not seeing a lot of responses. I'm assuming that people who haven't responded to the poll can either make all of these days, none of these days, or it's too far out to know? If people interested in the event could post in this thread and let me know if which category they fall into, that would be helpful for me to gauge interest :)

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