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now just myth for you board game types...


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Yep main box went retail months ago. Add on minions and other minis are starting to show up in their online store. I still need to get some extra skeletons (shamblers) and a few captains. Eu was all caught up in customs but is getting shipped to backers this week. Careful with retail purchase make sure you download the errata they had a fair amount of issue with consistency of terms but if you are a loose story type and are fine with just playing consistently it will be fun. House rules are part and parcel with this game. Frame work is great models are great but there are definitely. Some watch your head under construction moments.

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I could see that, big reason I pushed through was the wife who is distinctly story driven and non competitive. I read some thing with the setup and there are videos on their site now. Along with faqs and things. I haven't looked in awhile and we just kinda pay the way we want to... I'll double check some stuff and bring my tablet tonight...

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Ended up buying fix out, yay more myth models!


The are doing a second kickstarter with more direction type rules. Any one who picked this up first time around can get reprinted rules $6 plus shipping... That is all the cards and everything.


Modules are looking really cool!https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1700755582/myth-journeyman/description

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