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Sigmars Pointy Sticks


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So is the idea that only Sigmar players exist in AoS at this point? If so, perhaps the Sigmarites should be broken into groups, perhaps called "chapters," that way AoS's gaming group seems to have diversity. And maybe a few books for the different groups of Sigmarites. Oh, and maybe an extra book for renegade sigmarites, you know, ones that just don't quite fit mold - perhaps aligned to the chaos gods....😄



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No. It would only be necessary to shape the armour like that if they had porn star-sized breasts. For any more moderately endowed woman, some sort of variant on a sports bra or binder, plus the layers of padding worn under plate armour anyhow, would accommodate the difference.

Furthermore, that kind of sculpted detail on armour (and this bugs me about the male Stormcast Models as well, and also things like Sanguinary Guard in 40K) actually makes the armour less protective, because it forms blade/bullet/shrapnel traps that tend to deflect incoming attacks towards the wearer's vital organs. Yes, suits of armour like that exist from history, but those were for parade or ceremonial use. No one who wanted to survive would wear them anywhere they expected to actually have to fight.

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