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Alternate Valkerie Concept

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One of my daily webstops is Concept Ships, great for cool images and modeling ideas.  Today I've seen what I think would be a super cool Stormtrooper Valkerie.

Credit: https://www.facebook.com/RobertsSpaceIndustries

I'd love build this but I don't have a direct use, if someone is interested I'll build it for fun if you cover the parts costs.



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At just a first parts tally the parts would cost about the same as a new valkyrie.  The biggest change would be to use different wings (either off the Dark Talon or Ork Bommer, ommiting the tail booms and dorsal engines, then adding tau devilfish engines to the wing tips. To go all out would be to place a turrent (storm raven, razorback?) on the top and drop the cheek guns.  Of course if someone had an already assembled kit it could be cut apart...

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I'm changing the title of this thread to "i should be working"


Here's the bare minimum costs for this build.  It does include door gunners, but no interior crew.  Dorsal turret was downgraded to the Storm Talon chin gun, a little sleeker and $13 cheaper.  I'd have to scratch build the canopy (maybe cast it if I had a geek swat team beating down the door).  We have enough talent that I figure I'll share what I've figured out see what we all come up with.


Stormtrooper Valkyrie     Parts Source Costs TOP VENTS Hoard O Bits  $       1.16 REAR CABIN Hoard O Bits  $       8.99 LANDING GEAR Hoard O Bits  $       2.69 HEAVY BOLTERS Hoard O Bits  $       2.96 GUNNERS Hoard O Bits  $       7.19 COCKPIT ASSEMBLY Hoard O Bits  $       2.24 DARK TALON - WINGS Hoard O Bits  $       8.99 HAMMERHEAD GUNSHIP -
Hoard O Bits  $       2.24 HAMMERHEAD GUNSHIP
Hoard O Bits  $       8.99 STORMTALON GUNSHIP -
Hoard O Bits  $       3.59   Total  $    49.04

Any poor soul who's still interested would be a guinea pig for the first build, whenever that happens...


Drop the door gunners and the bare costs drop to ~$40...

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Got a link?


Burk's original link was to the Roberts Space Industries FB page.  RSI is creating a new Space Sim called Star Citizen.  This is from the original creator of the Wing Commander series.  


They release the dog fighting module in the next week or two.  



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