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Benchmade 50% off discounts


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Unsure if this is the best forum for this post, but figured it was a better fit than anything else I have available.

I've got a handful of 50% off Benchmade employee discounts that expire at the end of the year that I'd rather throw out for general use than see expire.  If you're interested, please just PM me here on Ordo. I can accept payment through Google/Paypal or cash; not looking to acquire more minis at this time.

I highly recommend handling anything you're considering (Cabella's, etc.) before making a purchase since even at 50% off it is generally not a small purchase and not everything feels as great in the hand as it looks on a screen.  If you're wanting to use this to buy a gift for yourself or someone else, please try to purchase quickly as some items may be unavailable before the Xmas holiday.

I can't ship anything so anyone interested needs to plan on picking them up in the Portland area. You're responsible for knowing your state's knife laws (WA has a felonious view of possession of automatic knives, etc.) so please be very mindful of such things before asking to buy something. 

IF for ANY reason you aren't supposed to own a pocketknife please don't ask to buy one.

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