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No imperium league....?


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Kicking around the idea of a non-imperium (or former imperium) 40k league. Nothing against imperium players, just thinking it would be neat to see what sort of tactics arise when the most common army factions are removed from the game.

So no CSM, Loyalist SM chapters, Imperial Knights, Renegades knights, inquisition, custodes, and so forth, would be allowed. Admech would be be allowed, since they are technically not part of the imperium, as would daemon faction armies since they are not technically part of the CSM.

Would anyone else be interested in a league of this nature?

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3 minutes ago, Lyraeus said:

Isn't that the league already? 

It might be near 50-50

Well, that league will eventually end, so we could replace it with something new and different when the current league ends.

Anyway, it's just a thought. Would you be interested?

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14 hours ago, WestRider said:

At one point when I was up in B-ham, we did a "No Space Marines" Tournament. A bit looser, but it was still a whole lot of fun. Possibly better to do something wacky like that as a one-off event than an ongoing one.

Or like the Ork Only tournament Gamer Haven is throwing.

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