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40k Escalation League Week 7 mission, Nexus Control

Dark Trainer

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This week's mission 7...2nd to last mission in the league, and we're finally at 1500 points! Let's get it on!

Mission URL: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E87czCYO7gvHHOMH3f16i4FPXLB_O5Gm7JR1EFfntd8 

ITC setup instructions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m0W6W5nvdk1HWJFVWrqFBHhzmZluaBNgN4CT_F7BnS4



League week 7, Mission 7, Nexus Control


We have found a way to disable the link of the warp to this world. They shall come, expecting the obvious, the simple, the artless. They shall stab at the shadows with confused minds and troubled hearts. Meanwhile, we shall appear unseen from ten directions, and from every one strike a fatal blow. Let us cut them off from our reality!

Scenario 3: Nexus Control (Standard ITC, 1500 points)

Deployment: Random (follow ITC rules)

4 objectives placed as shown:

Mission 3 Map.jpg

Nexus Control Bonus Point: If a player holds all four objectives at the end of their player turn, they score 1 point.



Painting scores:

P1 ______       P2 ______

Sportsmanship scores:

P1 ______       P2 ______

Crave a rematch?:
P1: Y/N         P2: Y/N

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42 minutes ago, paxmiles said:

Why the uneven deployment zones? It's the same area, but it just seems awkward to have deployment zones not be equal. 

Uneven? The objectives are placed in a symmetrical fashion. 

Deployment is random. That's how ITC works. That way a list. Doesn't just get destroyed because of unfavorable deployment 

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8 hours ago, Jason said:

Hey guys!

i missed the last 2 weeks...and can’t be there this Tuesday 😊 but would love to get some make up games in this weekend. Anyone gonna be around for / up for that?

Not this weekend sadly. I will catch a few games up though but I think you should play others. I play you too much


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19 hours ago, Inquisitor66 said:

The picture is showing the placement of objectives, use the main book for deployment zones.   I made the same error last week

I played with Dark Trainer last week. You'd think the guy that posted the scenario would know this, but I didn't either. So much fail. Thanks for clarifying.

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