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Psychedelic Grot-bots test #1


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*Moved over from 40k discussion thread*

Got called out! Challenge accepted 😉

Found some inexpensive Not-Gundams from a line called 30 Minute Missions that seem to be a good base to build from. Built one to see how they go together and try out some paint schemes. These doods are cool! Right up there on fit and design with entry Gundams which is a high bar. Plan is to build them to the basic components (arms, legs, torso etc), throw all the pieces in a box, spray an obnoxious neon color, shake the box, spray a different neon, shake and repeat.
Hoping it'll give a good psychedelic base to start from.
Words, words, words...time for pics of tonight's progress!
Built model
Disassembled to smaller assemblies, lower arm, upper arm etc
Put in some boxes, sprayed a fluro green from one direction, neon citrus from opposite direction.
Shake the box, spray a pistachio green and stripe in a lavender

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Quick dry fit after drying.
Liked: The pattern. Cut the colors down to 3, liked the way they blended and flow from mixed to solid in an almost organic manner.
Disliked: Color choice, was shooting for obnoxious, landed on pastel Easter candy.
Broke it back down, primed all white and resprayed in bubblegum pink, safety orange and neon sky blue. Will update with an assembled version of the new colors after dry and rebuilt.
Easter candy version...

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More takeaways! I looove doing a prototype/proof of concept/ total playground to tinker on. When doing something like this where I'm planning on pulling out the stops, it's really freeing to have a piece to try stuff out on.
Likes: The colors! Think I've drilled into the final palette. Going to really saturate them though. Tried to do a real light gradient, turned out ok. If I pour on the volume though they'll really pop.
New plan. Spray everything in the safety orange. Stripe in the blue and pink just as heavy. Then I'll do a dark rust wash over the whole thing. To bring the neons back up, I'll hash and slash the bright neons back up over the washed panels.
Disliked: I went too light on the color sprays, too desaturated I think. Possibly ok but I won't know till after wash and highlights.
Words, words, words...pics!

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Montana spray paint company. Great colors with great coverage. Note that they are fully built and designed for graffiti/murals so using for minis is "off label". Gotta have your spray game on point, because the difference between no coverage-great color intensity-ohmyglobIruinedmymodels is suuuper small. But when they work, they're fantastic. Really intense.

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