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Curious...anyone interested in the Death Guard half of Dark Imperium? [Sold]


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***EDIT*** NO longer available


Inquiring Minds want to know... the below from Dark Imperium... for $80   $60 ?  All New on Sprue.  Please let me know, thanks...

Death Guard

1 Lord of Contagion

1 Noxious Blightbringer

1 Malignant Plaguecaster

7 Plague Marines

1 Foetid Bloat Drone

20 Poxwalkers

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39 minutes ago, PourSpelur said:

Dumb question. Is this something that would be appreciated/usable as a starter force for the clubhouse? I've always wanted to paint this set but have Zero need to start another army. Would be happy with $60 if it goes to a good home afterwards.

It’s a fairly well-balanced list, although it leans towards the Death Guard’s usual schtick of short-ranged fire fights and being stupidly hard to injure, but there’s a decent amount of mêlée counter-punch, anti-armor, and anti-horde for such a small list. Drop the Fœtid Blightdrone and it’s exactly 500 Points, perfect for a small Combat Patrol game. A second squad of seven Plague Marines (no upgrades) would get it to 750 Points...

++ Patrol Detachment 0CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [41 PL, 638pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Plague Company: Mortarion's Anvil

+ HQ +

Lord of Contagion [7 PL, 112pts]: 1. Revoltingly Resilient, Manreaper, Warlord

Malignant Plaguecaster [6 PL, 95pts]: 1. Miasma of Pestilence

+ Troops +

Plague Marines [10 PL, 138pts]
. Plague Champion: Plaguesword, Plasma pistol, Power fist
. 5x Plague Marine w/ boltgun: 5x Blight Grenades, 5x Boltgun, 5x Krak Grenades, 5x Plague knife
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Poxwalkers [6 PL, 100pts]
. 20x Poxwalker: 20x Improvised weapon

+ Elites +

Noxious Blightbringer [4 PL, 55pts]: Plasma pistol

+ Fast Attack +

Foetid Bloat-drone [8 PL, 138pts]: 2x Plaguespitters, Plague probe

++ Total: [41 PL, 638pts] ++

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