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So recently, I waded through the entire Kal Jerico trilogy, found myself intrigued by the Cawdor, and then found a Goonhammer article that makes them sound like fanatics that might just be right up my alley. That isn't the question really. The question is: what would be the best gang to learn about the game with? 

Growing up in a rather religious family I think I could run them well but would they be a good gang for a complete noob? 


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Any of the standard six gangs (Cawdor, Delaque, Escher, Goliath, Orlock, and Van Saar) are pretty easy to run for someone totally new to Necromunda; they all use the basic rules without any of the oddities that the alternative gangs all introduce to one degree or another.  Each of the six standard gangs has their own strengths and weaknesses, of course, but not to the extremes seen in the alternative gangs.

As a general summary of the gangs: Cawdor is sort of the "horde army" of the standard six gangs; Delaque are the sneaky shooty gang; Escher are the cunning-but-brutal melee gang; Goliath are the brutal-but-cunning melee gang; Orlock are the all-rounder generalists; and Van Saar are the elite shooty gang.   No individual player's gang has to be this cookie-cutter, especially once the credits and XP start rolling in and you begin to specialize your gangers. The gangs skill trees and equipment lists do tend to push them in this direction, but you aren't locked into it... I've seen long-ranged shooty Goliaths and elite low-model Cawdors. 

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We’ve found Orlocks to be the all-arounders, but they suffer not being exceptional at any one thing.  

The most important thing with Necromunda is to play a gang that you like that also matches your play style.  If you like Cawdor, you’re more likely to be motivated to play them.  Individually they are a bit crap, but work well wolf packing enemies.  Many missions limit combatant numbers, so keep in mind that you can’t assume you’ll outnumber your opponent.  
They are a close range firestorm kind of gang.  Since their gear tends to be unreliable you want to get up close, unload as much firepower as possible, then get all choppy.  Their real strengths are morale, and fanatic nature.

If you like fanatics, and fighting dirty, Cawdors are great.

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