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Terrain building supplies

Brother Glacius

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Hey peoples,

I am going to be heading to Home Depot soon to pick up some supplies for terrain building. I'm looking at the pink foam board stuff, but I also saw that they have some pre-textured stuff now too. Just curious if anyone has tried any of that sort of foam.

Also, going to pick up some spackle for fills and overall coverage to protect the foam from paint.

I probably want to get some kind of wooden baseboard for pieces. Any suggestions?

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If you have the tools to cut it, it's hard to go wrong with MDF as a base. Nice strength to weight ratio, resists warping from paint and glue, and it looks nice.

I like the spackle that goes on pink and dries white, it's easier to see where I've missed spots with coverage. Make sure you get the sandable kind too.


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