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Warhammerr 40k Armageddon

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  Not sure if this has been mentioned here yet but this is a soon to be released game from the folks over at Matrix games.




 The game was announced early last year and was slated for a 1st qtr release this year but no word on a set date as of yet.


 For anyone that has played any of the old Panzer General series games or the new and very much improved Panzer Corps series this game will use the same engine but with several modifications for the 40k universe and style of play.

  From my past experience with this series of games dating back to the mid 90`s when they came out this should be a very fun strategy game system set in the 40k universe!..easy to learn and play yet challenging to master.


  Matrix games is pretty much the industry standard as far as historic strategy/wargames for the PC goes so I fully expect a top notch product from them :wink:

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