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How I choose my Rune Priest powers codex vs. rulebook?


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Howdy.  So let's say I have a rune priest.  I know I can either get 2 from the codex (Jaws & Living Lightning for example) or 2 from the rulebook.

At a tournament can I choose different things for each game?  If so, do I have to choose "codex" or "rulebook" and write that in my army list, and am then restricted to those choices only?     Or am I totally free to change my mind and alternate either/or between codex and rulebook as I see fit?

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You pick two powers from the Codex when writing your List. At the start of each Game, you then have the choice of going with those two, or rolling two randomly from the Disciplines in the Rulebook. You can use this to "sideboard" to a certain extent, picking Codex powers that are only useful against a relatively small number of Dexes, and then rolling if you're not going up against one of those Armies, because Divination is always useful.

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