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Open Crusade! 2021

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It is that time. We are playing in person again and so I want to start an Open crusade! This is not going to have a time limit, this is not going to be hyper restrictive. It is a true Open Crusade. These are your games, your narrative, your fun. I just ask that you post about the games you play in this thread!


I will be using Administratum to track games and Order of Battle. It will seem like extra work but it will allow you to keep track of everything. You will need to create an account and I will have the invite link up once I finish this thread. 

Invite code is b88f0c638def4fa9b8eb6eda658b7bfd


Here are some base rules to make this interesting and not just a smash your face in.

  • Game rules RAW, but uses points at 1:20 ratio 


  • OOB should be registered on www.administratum.net and joined in the Ordo Open Crusade 2021


  • Opponent select the 2 units they think had the most impact and you select which one gets Marked for Greatness.


  • Upgrades MUST be rolled not chosen unless they are a mission reward. To roll, use 2 dice and re-roll doubles. Select one of the two results you do not currently have.  You may re-roll dice that are a duplicate upgrade, separate from this.


  • Weapon upgrades are individual per weapon – but if multiple weapons on the model are the same (i.e lascannon on each sponson) then you may auto gain the same upgrade on the second one with the later upgrade instead of rolling it.


  • Rules disputes should be rolled off then clarified after battle. Please post the questions here and they can be ruled on.


  • Mission selection is from a list of 3 missions (one of each size) -players may select any of the three. I will be posting these matches every Monday as well as the point spread. Yes, there will be Combat Patrols that are up to 600-750pts or Strike Force that can be played up to 2500pts. You dont have to play at that amount but you can if your opponent wants to as well!


  • You can request games here or in the Game night thread. If you do end up playing the same person twice, change up the mission size and points so that there is some difference in games.


  • CP or points summoning not allowed unless both players agree to a mechanic for that game.


  • White Dwarf relics and crusade campaign book relics (such as Beyond the Veil, Plague Purge, etc) will be locked into special events using them.


  • You do have access to Battle Honors and Weapon Upgrades in campaign books as long as they are not Campaign locked. Examples of this are War Zone Charadon or Piety and Pain has Battle Honors locked behind the campaign so they are options for you.


  • CATCH UP MECHANIC: If your opponent fields 6 or more Crusade Levels than you, you may allocate an extra Marked for greatness at the end. In addition. for every 6 Crusade Levels more your opponent has fielded than you, your units gain an extra xp for the battle.       (i.e 0-5 difference is 1xp as normal per unit, 6-11 the underdog gets 2xp per unit, 12-17 the underdog gets 3xp per unit, etc.)

This is a bit of rules but they are there to help keep things moving. The Catch up Mechanic is there to help new people who come in to play or those who cant get a game in as often. 


Remember you can with your opponents permission play your crusade force against those who don't want to play a Crusade game. Just get their permission and let them know you have some special things outside a normal game!

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3 hours ago, Mustache Dorn said:

Never mind. Figured it out. Coming out of the plague and not having played in a year this seems like a great way to wade back in. What’s the timeframe you expect this to run, or is it really open ended?

This particular one will be open ended. 


I will be adding campaigns throughout this that will allow you to bring the same Order of Battle from this into those allowing you to get relics from the pariah nexus and the like so you can grow and expand the same Order of Battle, OR if you are feeling adventurous, you can start a new Order of battle for those and bring it into this and have 2. 

This is your narrative for your force. 


I suspect you figured out I spend 2 RP on expanding my Supply Limit which is 1 Requisition Point (RP) for 100 extra points to my Supply. 

You start with 5 RP and can spend them on things like warlord traits, relics, etc

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