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Do you think GW will actually read the comments section of their new survey? or was it just a venting opportunity?

Brother Glacius

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Just finished my GW survey. Not great choices to make a lot of the time. I think the current rule set is far too complicated due to the fact that you have rules for armies, factions, units, and strategems all to consider. They are not in any way, shape, or form, simple. If you need a flowchart and a spreadsheet to play, then go back to the drawing board. And I hate all the reroll mechanics in the game. No good using dice if you simply allow so many rolls to guarantee a specific outcome. And then I bitched about too many Space Marine crap. Two types of marines, seven plus chapters, units out the wazzu. When was the last time they had a new eldar unit? Seriously, I could field my 1st edition eldar today.

So I doubt GW will even read the comments section. More likely its just there so people can vent and then feel like they did something. 😞


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