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Looking for a solid RPG multi-player game that doesn't require leveling

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A bunch of friends want to get together to play some PC gaming. That said, the group is not great on being consistent. So if someone missing a night or two, the game has to be able to handle that just fine. MMO's are what we played before, but again, when someone's toon gets out leveled, then we either have to start over or figure out some other nonsense. Most of the guys aren't great at shooters either...so some sort of rpg or survival game is probably best. We did Valheim for a while, but stopped after it ran out of content.

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* Sniper Elite is a good multiplayer but it's a shooter.

* V Rising is a good multiplayer with some similarity to Valheim but two notes...  1) difficulty scales with # of combatants in a fight, 2) eventually it hits a skill-required wall.

* Left 4 Dead 2 is still one of the best "drop-in" group friendly games out there but is a fairly forgiving shooter framework

* Payday 2 is in the same list (also a shooter but might suit your style if you stay quiet)

* I have not tried Back 4 Blood but it is the same devs who did Left 4 Dead 

* Deep Rock Galactic is a pretty solid option for "drop-in" grouping but does have some shooter elements to it (again, fairly forgiving)

* Ark, of course, for drop-in group play survival is excellent

* GTFO is good for drop-in but is a heavier shooter

* Phantasmagoria is passable without leveling and no real shooting (although you may find less replayability)

* Solasta is everything you want with one catch...  The 4-man party is always there...  Someone does not show up the character is still there and someone else runs them so they never fall behind and they miss story.

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